Your health problems would be reflected on your face in the form of pimples

All health problems result in various alterations of the skin, and the best way to notice it is to observe your face. An old Chinese precept identifies each organ of your body with a corresponding area on your face. Your health problems that affect one of your organs will be reflected on your face in the form of pimples, different changes in skin color or rashes.

The forehead: the small intestine and the bladder

Causes: Too much fat in your diet, too much canned food that lowers your digestive capacity, also excessive alcohol and sugar intake, combined with irregular sleep and stress.

Cure: Drink lots of water, eat more vegetables, avoid alcohol as much as possible and try to have regular sleep.

Between the eyebrows: The liver

Causes: You must keep a balance between diet and rest, allowing your stomach to regain its strength.

Cure: Try eating healthier, more fresh foods, taking long walks in the nature, doing yoga, fitness or all kinds of exercises to stimulate your digestive system.

Brow bone: The kidneys

Cause: excessive smoking, too much alcohol and poor blood circulation combined with a weakened and sick heart.

Cure: Drink more water, reduce caffeine intake from your diet and stop excessive consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks.

Nose: The heart

Cause: Breathing in polluted air, spending too much time in enclosed environments, having weakened gas and abdominal bloating and circulatory system. You should also count hypertension as a major factor in skin problems.

Cure: Try to regulate blood pressure and constantly check cholesterol levels. You need to drink more tea to rid your body of toxins, combined with a lot of physical activity.

Upper part of your cheek: the lungs

Cause: excessive smoking, environmental pollution, asthma or similar conditions. You must also consider the dark circles around the eyes.

Cure: Avoid exposure to polluted air, including cigarette smoke. If you are a smoker, now is a good time to stop and start doing regular physical exercises.

Cheeks: kidneys and lungs

Cause: pronounced smoking, too much stress combined with an unhealthy diet and too much sugar.

Cure: Improve your eating habits and use quality and trustworthy cosmetics.

Jaw and neck – Hormones

Cause: Excess salt in the body and dehydration. Caffeine can also be a negative factor in this case.

Cure: Consume less salt, less spices, reduce your caffeine intake and try to drink more water each day.

Mouth and chin: The belly

Cause: Excessive fat in your diet, excess sugar and large amounts of caffeine and alcohol. The most obvious effects will occur when eating spicy foods; Irregular sleep and daily stress can make the situation worse.

Cure: Eat foods that will improve the working capacity of your system, such as fruit and do not hesitate to consult a doctor if these problems persist.

Source Your health problems are reflected on your face in the form of pimples: HEALTHY LIVING HOUSE

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