You’ll never go to the bathroom again in the same way after reading that

You probably do not know, but by going to the bathroom, you have a bad habit. Regular stool production is important for the body, proof that the body works well, but is there a specific position to adopt at WC? The way of sitting plays a vital role in the production of stool.

Here is a very effective tip, especially for people who suffer from constipation.

The effects of sitting

In the bathroom, the bowl imposes a 90 ° angle for people who use it, similar to that of a person sitting on a chair. However, this position does not allow your rectum to fully relax, but it is essential for good stool production.

According to a recent study, sitting at an angle between 35 ° and 45 ° would be ideal for relaxing the rectum. This is the part of the large intestine in the pelvis, 12 to 15 cm long and ending with the anus. In other words, do squats! Indeed, the squatting position would be beneficial for the health, allowing to relax the rectum for a better production of saddles. This is also the best position for constipated people. Many doctors recommend it to their patients.

A study by Dr. Dov Sikirov has shown that sitting can cause hemorrhoids; dilation of the veins of the anal area (anus and rectum) and its tissues. During the production of stool, hemorrhoids can cause pain, irritation or even bleeding.

In addition, waste accumulating in the small intestine promotes the development of infections, which turn into toxins and may be responsible for several diseases of the intestine.

A study by scientist Wallace Bovls showed that squatting was preferable in cases of inflammation in the intestine. For example, people who have Crohn’s disease have seen their health improve a few weeks after taking this position.

Your posture in the bathroom is important for your health. You should know that when a person uses the bowl, the bladder is not completely empty, which can cause retention and infect the urinary tract.

The benefits of squatting

To summarize, Jonathan Isbit wrote an article on the benefits of squatting, here are a few:

· Faster and more efficient removal of faeces from the intestine.

· Protection of the nerves that control the bladder, prostate and uterus.

· Protection of the ileocecal valve, which is located at the end of the ileum (third part of the small intestine) to the right of the navel, slightly lower. The ileocaecal valve protects the body from contaminations when you clean your private parts. In a sitting position, the valve is not functioning properly. As a result, it sends the waste back to the small intestine.

· In a squatting position, pregnant women prepare for a natural delivery. This position puts less pressure on the uterus.

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