You will realize that I miss you the day when I will not be there anymore

I do not know when that day will come. But that day, I’ll hold someone’s hand, and I will not even notice you when we cross each other. Until you say my name. I will remember you and all that we were, but especially that we were not. Because you never gave me importance.

You gave me bits of a heartless love story that left me confused. A love story where I loved someone who did not love me in return.

But one day, my name will appear and you will realize how much I miss you.

The little conversations we used to talk about you will miss you. And the messages you used to ignore. You will listen to voice messages just to hear the sound of my voice. You’ll find yourself looking at my photos by reminding me when you were a main character in my life or at least I wanted you to be. You’ll remember how I told you every detail of what was happening.

And you will miss having someone to tell these things. Someone who really cared about your well-being and your happiness. The messages that popped up during a busy day will be missed, and those you received late at night saying, “I hope you’ve come home well. You will miss having someone who cares about you, even if it was not reciprocal.

You will miss having someone you take for granted. And when you miss those moments when I miss you, what you will regret is not having realized what you had when you had it. Not giving me the chance I probably deserved. It will probably haunt your nights.

The many questions will haunt your mind late into the night when you lie in a bed alone or worse lying next to someone who will make you feel alone … someone who will treat you as you treated me.

And maybe you’ll send me a message just to see how I’m doing. Maybe you’ll just be curious to know if you’re still counting for me. This will probably be the case. The difference between us was that I thought of everything I said while you were trying to understand how you felt about me. You did not want to worry but you did it. I could see him. However, I never had to wonder about you. I never had to question it. I looked at you with the same confidence that I hoped to find again.

But I could not keep waiting for that. I could not hope and want and work for something I did not get. Even the best ones get tired trying.

And you may have hurt me at first, but in the long run, I’ll move on. I am the kind of person people miss, even if it takes a long time to realize it. I am the kind of person that people do not really forget.

One day, your phone will turn on and you want it to be my name on the screen. One day I swear I will miss you and when that day comes I will not be here anymore.

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