You throw the orange peels? – do not do it anymore they can be very useful

But you can lend a lot of other interesting properties to orange peels. The next time you nibble an orange, put some in your salad, or squeeze it into juice, keep your peels that have highly nutritious compounds. We are talking about organic orange, of course.

In addition to its good taste and many health benefits, here is how you can use its peel, prefer organic oranges especially for the use of orange peels:

Peeling corporel

If you want your skin to be bright, smooth and firm, all you need to do is put the orange peel in gauze and use it as a sponge when taking a shower. This is the simplest body peeling that is.

Vitamin C is a natural whitening agent of the skin. People with brown spots or clogged skin pores can rub the inside of an orange peel on the desired areas. This will also protect your skin from UV rays.

Whiten and refresh your breath

In order to decrease tooth sensitivity, you can rub the inside of an orange peel on your teeth. Not only will this have an analgesic effect but will also make it possible to whiten and refresh your breath.

They are essential elements to put in your compost.

Indeed, they are rich in nitrogen and filled with nutrients that will strengthen the humus of your garden. Be careful not to add too much so you do not have too much nitrogen.

Get rid of insects

Put an orange peel in places where you think insects are coming. Mosquitoes, ants and mites can not withstand the compounds found in the skin of oranges.

Get rid of the bad smell of shoes

Put the orange peel in a cloth bag, tie the bag and put it in the shoes from which the bad smell spreads. The peel will act as a natural sponge and will absorb bad odors.

To clean up

They can be very useful in the bathrooms or the kitchen. If you have a dirty sink or sink, just like to whiten the skin, use the inside of a skin and rub the dirty surfaces. This is a very good natural and ecological cleaning agent.

You can also put a big orange peel in a glass jar and pour white vinegar, just enough to cover it. Keep the jar in the refrigerator for several weeks and be sure to stir from time to time. After that, filter the mixture and transfer it to a bottle with a sprayer. Use this mixture to clean windows and floors.

Limestone stains

If you are bothered by waterborne limestone stains that usually occur on stainless steel faucets or sinks, you can use the inside of an orange peel to clean them.

Refresh the interior

The orange has a pleasant and refreshing smell. Dry several orange peels in the oven, then mix them and place them in small cloth bags. Place the bags in the bathroom, closets, etc.

Orange peels contain antioxidants like vitamin C.

This makes it a powerful immune stimulant. Respiratory diseases will be less aggressive by boiling orange peels about twenty minutes. It will drink the infusion result to say goodbye to the flu, bronchitis and avoid and space asthma attacks.

We tend to ignore that these peels are rich in dietary fiber. People suffering from lazy bowel syndrome, irritable or bloating will see in orange peel a real natural medicine. The orange peels soothe the indigestion and thanks to the pectins they contain, prevent constipation.

You might think the opposite with this fruit, but the peels are a natural and effective remedy against heartburn. In case of crisis, chew organic orange peel to be quickly relieved. As a preventative, you can chew the peels right after the meal.

Free radicals that deprive healthy cells of oxygen are responsible for certain cancers. Two components of orange peels prevent the growth and division of malignant cancer cells. Without substituting for medical treatment, consuming orange peel can help reduce lung and skin cancers.

Finally, know that orange peels are filled with anti-cholesterol compounds. By including organic orange peels in your daily diet, you will help your body fight bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots from forming and clogged arteries. (source)

Finally to make a candle

Carefully remove the flesh from the orange, taking care to leave the white part of the medium intact. Fill the cavity with oil leaving the middle white part protruding. Light the center rod like a wick. Enjoy the sweet smell of orange!

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