You should drink pineapple juice to treat winter blues

Pineapple juice can help stop coughing and help you treat the blues of winter. This is because Pineapple contains bromelain, which has indeed some anti-inflammatory properties. A German study was conducted to determine its effectiveness.

A glass of pineapple juice provides half the amount of vitamin C of the recommended daily dose. Vitamin C is essential because it allows the body to metabolize certain vital enzymes that regulate metabolism and manage energy.

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Pineapple is a good source of manganese

Manganese helps the body improve calcium absorption, promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in energy, while helping to have a healthy nervous function.

Bromelain is a good anti-inflammatory

A certain amount of bromelain in pineapple juice is directly absorbed by the body, and this helps to reduce inflammation which helps relieve conditions such as arthritis. In Germany bromelain is approved for curing the inflammation and swelling of the nose that is common after sinus surgery.

To know :

The study in question – and there was only one – was conducted on 116 children with sinusitis. They received highly concentrated bromelain capsules, not pineapple juice or pieces of fresh fruit. Children treated with bromelain took an average of 6.66 days to recover from their symptoms; those treated in the usual way it took an average of 7.95 days to recover. So, yes, there is an improvement – of 20%, we talk about concentrated capsules here

According to the University of Michigan website, the capsules must be covered with an enteric coating, otherwise the gastric juices destroy bromelain during ingestion. Fresh pineapple, unless you have special dietary habits, is not covered with such a coating.

Choose organic pineapple juice

If you have an annoying cough that is simply caused by an irritation or a cold, choose natural pineapple. The juice does not contain unwanted toxic elements, and it has the nutrients needed to help you pass the blues of winter.

Pineapple also fights mucus

Pineapple juice helps evacuate all the annoying mucus. In 2010, research was conducted to find treatments for people with TB. The findings of the reports were published “Der Pharma Chemical”, and they included the fact that a mixture of natural pineapple juice, with honey, salt and pepper, when taken daily helps to dissolve the mucus that accumulates in the lungs, causing diseases such as tuberculosis.

Make your own juice if you can:

It is better to opt for a pineapple juice without added sugars. And for lovers of a holistic health lifestyle, if you have a juice extractor at home, why not buy fresh pineapple and make your own juice?

Natural cough remedy:


  • 1 cup fresh pineapple juice, freshly extracted if you can
  • Fresh lemon juice, a quarter cup
  • A piece of ginger 7 cm
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • Half a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper

In summary: yes, pineapple contains an enzyme that can be effective against flu symptoms (at least those of sinusitis), but it is not by eating pineapple that we will achieve good results however this remedy with several ingredients will relieve you.

Put all these ingredients in your blender, and mix! Your mucus and your cough will disappear in a very short time.

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