You are unemployed? Hawaii wants you to move there, we will give you a job

It’s afraid of being unemployed. Wanting to work and not finding a job is incredibly stressful, and having no money is worse than anything. The last time I did not have a job, I dreamed of moving to a tropical place. But then I thought: I do not have the money to do it. And then, when I get there, I will still need to find a job.

Hawaii offers a rather good solution for people in the same situation.

As they try to bring unemployed people with university degrees to Hawaii to work in education, no certificate or teaching experience is required. This is because at the end of this school year, about 1600 Hawaiian teachers will retire.

This represents a huge enough gap to fill for the Hawaiian school system, so Hawaii accepts people with a college education, but relatively little experience in education itself.

You are unemployed? Hawaii wants you to move there

They seek to bring teachers from the continent to the island, and everyone can apply.

They need mathematics teachers, English, and specialized educators for the most part, but all positions are available. The average salary of a Hawaiian teacher is $ 54,000 a year. They offered financial incentives to try to retain teachers from the continent.

Hawaii has sent teams to teachers in major American cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Portland to try to recruit people to leave the city and come to teach on the island.

This seems like a great idea to be honest: you are training the leaders of tomorrow, and in your free time you are going out to one of the most beautiful places on earth. You can surf, dive, or even just spend all your free time on the beach.

The cost of living in Hawaii is relatively high, and the state has struggled with the salary of mainland teachers who have been placed in rural areas (which is more likely for inexperienced teachers). But it’s better as unemployment, and it is a way to make money while living on the island.

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