Women Wage Peace: Thousands of women walk for peace

Last summer, after the murder of the three Jewish teenagers and the murder of an Arab teenager, while people were speaking in terms of fear and hatred, as the sound of weapons rang out during Operation Protective Edge In Israel and Gaza, while politicians and soldiers were making speeches, we could no longer be silent.

We have decided to create a movement of determined women who are working to restart the peace process that is currently stalled.

In our daily lives, we are women of peace. We do not aspire to a utopian future because we want to change the reality of the present.

Join us! Together we will have more influence.

Who are we ?

We are a rapidly growing citizen movement made up of a few thousand women wanting to influence the public and political arena.

This movement does not belong to any political party. Its members are Israeli women from various cultural, social and political backgrounds – Jews and Arabs, religious and lay people, from the center and the periphery …

All are working to put the peace project back on the agenda in public debate and at the heart of political action.

We are working for a non-violent, respectable and acceptable solution for both parties: Israelis and Palestinians.

Peace is not a utopia but a basic stage indispensable to the life of both peoples in a free and safe space.

Why a women’s movement?

In general, women’s views on peace and war are not heard.

Our movement will strive to make our voices heard, our needs and aspirations, and will encourage diverse groups of people to express themselves and influence political decisions.

The engagement of women in public and political life creates processes of effective dialogue and understanding. For the last fifteen years, women have successfully engaged in peace processes in different parts of the world.

Here are the questions we want to ask: what is the real meaning of peace? What does the term security mean? What do we mean by agreement? Women have the ability to integrate diverse responses and rethink all of these concepts in new ways.

Cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli women working for peace increases the chances of finding a viable solution to the conflict.

How do we act?

Thanks to the direct pressures that we want to exert on the decision-makers, the actions relayed in the numerous means of communication and the mobilization of the public, we hope to obtain a political agreement which we place at the top of the national priorities.

To this end, we are implementing field activities and information campaigns across the country to broaden and deepen the debate around the need for political agreement and also to expand and strengthen our movement.

We participate in the integration of women in government agencies working for peace. This, in accordance with the Law for Equal Rights of Women and UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

“We emphasize the importance of women’s role in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. We reaffirm our commitment to the full and effective implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) on women, peace and security. We also emphasize the importance of ensuring that any action to maintain and promote peace and security takes into account the imperatives of gender equality and offers women the opportunity for full and equal participation, and that it is necessary to to increase women’s participation in decision-making at all levels. “- United Nations World Summit Declaration, September 2005, para 116.

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