Why sex is no longer the only form of infidelity in relationships

It is 7 o’clock in the morning and your alarm clock sounds. You open your eyes, and your brain starts. Appointments, important calls and deadlines swirl in your mind. Why do you have so much to do, and so little time to do it? You catch your phone and quickly look up your notifications while heading to the shower, half awake.

As you know she is not up yet, not to get her out of his sleep, you leave him a sms: “Hello, my heart. I hope you have a very good day. “

This little message is not trivial, it’s actually a double reminder: You want her to know that she is the first thing you have in mind when you wake up. And, most importantly, you want her to remember that, even though your days are very stressful and you’re very busy, she’s still your number one priority.

Why sex is no longer the only form of infidelity in relationships:

It looks so perfect, said like that … And yet, that’s not the reality.

In reality, you will connect to Instagram or Facebook, you will look at the lives of others, and perhaps, eventually, you will send this message to the person who shares your life on the way to work.

Today, our relationships seem in perpetual quest for meaning. People “go out together” but what does that mean now? To have a couple outing twice a month? Send text messages all day? Kissing here and there?

There is something that seems to be missing. Why are relations fading at this speed now? Why are the stories getting shorter and shorter? Love feeds above all on communication and mutual understanding. Our deepest and most intimate emotions are reserved for the person we love, so how is it acceptable to never want to show them?

We have accepted far too many things that are truly unacceptable: sitting at a restaurant table with our phones in hand, arguing over text messages, publishing every minute of our lives on social networks …

Why sex is no longer the only form of infidelity in relationships

And you know what’s the worst? It is because the society has begun to find acceptable and normal romantic relatiosn in which people are deceived every day.

When we talk about deceiving someone in the traditional sense of the word, we immediately imagine having sex with someone behind their backs.

It is an intimate relationship, in which the person you love finds another person, while you continue your life without knowing anything about it, continuing to love and care for that person.

If you discover the pot to the roses, confidence is broken definitively. But let’s think for two minutes what it means to deceive someone.

By opening a dictionary, we discover that the definition of “deceive” is the act of “deprive someone of something of value, using a process of cheating or fraud”.

And above all, if we believe the Wikitionary, the first characteristic of deception is that it is “the deliberate act of pretending to be what we are not, or of passing a thing for that she is not. “

Of course, one can deceive someone by having sex with another person, and that is perhaps the most hurtful case … But have you ever wondered if there was not other ways to be deceived? Maybe your partner is cheating on you every day, in a much more subtle, dangerous and vicious way than that …

We sometimes suffer from lack of communication, lack of attention, passion, intimacy and even lack of love. Why do we accept this, with all the shortcuts that have become so common?

Basically, this type of deception, this “moral adultery”, causes much more damage than a mere history of sex. You have given your heart to someone and love him with all your body and soul … And yet, you have to beg him to get some of his attention.

You take a step back, then you observe this person who posts statuses on social networks about useless and vain things, pictures having no other purpose than to be commented by other people in order to satisfy their need social recognition.

You have to take a minute to tell her that she is beautiful. Call him after work and tell him, “Get dressed in 30 minutes. I’ll pick you up and take you to a special place. “

Make this effort. “Old-fashioned” love needs a new chance. The good days when one held hands, where one opened the door of the car, where one left “just because”, where one sent him flowers just to obtain a smile, where one left him small words, should never have disappeared.

We must be children, when we love each other.

We must be vulnerable, and free. And that can not happen when one is concerned about all the little details of the lives of others.

We must focus on each other. Because it’s the most important thing we have. Enjoy these precious moments, and do not be afraid to tell each other how important he / she is.

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