Why people who marry teachers often end up being very happy

You have to be someone special to be a teacher. It’s about choosing a career based on a passion for making a difference in young people. It is a career that, in my opinion, deserves more respect than it is given.

Being a teacher is a daily stress of 1 against 35 children or young adults, of which you must be responsible. It’s about wanting to give everyone their time and attention, but knowing that you are alone and that they are numerous. Teachers are disinterested.

Their children are their number one priority and their goal is to see them succeed. Being their role model, their mentor, someone they trust is not just the teaching you do.

You change their lives through kindness and examples and do things for which they do not even say thanks or do not even realize, but you do it anyway.

You spend more time in the classroom than at home. This involves making weekend predictions for the coming week with parenting classes and meetings and if you choose to be even more part of the school community, maybe you’re coaching next door.

So now, in addition to teaching and mentoring, you are also a coach. And you have a team waiting for you to guide them.

Yes, there are benefits to teaching like summer vacations. But teaching is a career that is a way of life, so it never stops. You never stop thinking about your class and children at school.

So when it comes to relationships when you marry a teacher, you really do marry a lifestyle that you choose to be part of. It is a school community that you choose as a family. Your spouse may be stressed about a student or a lesson or a bad meeting.

Sometimes when they come home, they just need you to be there. This means that they may be late for home or not at the weekend if there is a game or convention.

But there are so many benefits to being with a teacher.

You marry someone who is selfless and caring.

Someone who always thinks of others before him. You marry someone who will never stop believing and motivating you to do more. You marry someone who will always be your number one supporter.

You marry someone you will learn as much as he learns from you. You marry someone who is programmed to never give up people.

Someone who will give you chances until you prove that he is right. You marry someone who believes in you more than everyone else.

Being a teacher is not just about teaching a subject and waiting for kids to pass a test, it’s about teaching these kids and young adults about who they can be, what they can become, and how to shape them. future generations simply by believing in them.

It’s about sharing whatever topic you are passionate about with others.

When this applies to the family, teachers will behave in the same way at home as in the classroom. Always give the best of themselves.

Always try to make the right decision.

Always try to find a solution to any problem and make the family a priority. When you marry a teacher, you marry the person who will help you raise your family and raise your children to become the best people possible.

You marry someone who will help your children solve the problems they face because they will see them.

And in exchange for choosing to be part of that way of life and supporting them, they will always be faithful to you.

They will love you unconditionally. They will teach you the art of multitasking. You choose someone with patience and compassion who will listen to everything you say, even if it’s a whisper.

You choose someone who can handle stressful situations with a lot of grace.

But all teachers know that we must also enjoy. They also know how to have a good time outside the classroom.

You marry a teacher and you get married with the best kind of person there is, in return you also become better beside someone who never ceases to believe in you and who will never leave you.

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