Why men who marry a nurse often end up being the happiest

They are true partners in their relationships, and they are always moving forward. Nurses are managers, they know how to keep an eye on the big picture while making sure all the details are in place on time.

In relationships, they have superpowers.

Nurses push everyone to love being the best they can be. They treat departing patients and want to make sure their loved ones have a better life than that. They are carers who love and support their partners while challenging them to improve and take over when they need help.

They also have the advantage of having learned to manage pressure well. When you deal with situations of life and death on a daily basis, you realize that normal couple disputes are not very important. It is not worthwhile to launch hurtful words that could have lasting effects on your loved one’s psyche.

In addition, nurses are fun. As they are intimately familiar with the seriousness of certain situations, they know how to celebrate life while you live it. They can relax and enjoy, and they want their partners to do the same.

The nurses embody the energy of someone who knows everything and who has good advice on how to proceed. She understands that you can fail, but you are encouraged to do better next time.

As a couple, the people who marry the nurses are the strongest and the happiest. They are true and overflowing with love. They let their partners know how much they love them.

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