Why is it better to walk than to run?

Do you practice it every day and you did not know that walking was considered a sport? Running may seem like a great way to burn calories but it’s not for everyone.

To become thinner and more toned, gently, without spending hours at the gym: adopt the sporting walk. A brisk walk is a good cardiovascular exercise. While walking longer to have the same cardiovascular benefits as jogging, studies continue to say that walking is as good as jogging and even better.

Here’s why walking is beneficial:

1. Walking is easier to maintain in the long run

When young and agile, jogging seems to be the most logical choice, but only in the short term. Given the risk of injury and the time it takes to heal, walking is the most sustainable way to play sports because you do not need to stop for days or weeks to heal from an injury and you end up to lose more weight in the long run because we do not stop.

Why is it better to walk than to run?

2. Running can lead to more injuries than walking

Most runners report having an injury at least once a year and it is usually the knee that is affected. Too much running or a jog of too much intensity can be damaging to your health. It is also important to be equipped with the right shoes.

3. Walking improves mental health

Although joggers will tell you that it is a near-spiritual experience, it has been proven that walking induces a state similar to meditation with its mental and emotional benefits, especially if you walk in nature. According to research, after 1 hour of walking, people saw a 16% increase in their concentration and memory.

4. Walking away from diseases

Walking prevents the appearance of osteoporosis because it is an exercise of resistance that you do on your feet and that work the bones and muscles. It also helps manage anxiety, fatigue and Alzheimer’s disease while improving the quality of life. A recent study by the American Heart Association concluded that walking lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and lowers the risk of diabetes, far more than jogging.

5. Running gives you the appetite

When you run, you do a physical exercise of great intensity and for a long time, which makes you want to eat more. Walking does not give you that same hunger effect and allows you to better control your weight loss efforts.

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