When you feel overworked or tired, let go

However, there is something you absolutely need to know. On the list you are first, after, comes the rest.

Sometimes you make yourself responsible and you charge on their shoulders their own problems in an attempt to help.

It is not negative to reach out to anyone who needs it. However, it becomes so if we do not know how to let go.

Sometimes we give too much or start to emotionally depend on a person. We believe that this attitude is correct, that it converts us into good people who know how to love.

Lamentably, it can turn against us. Too much giving can lead others to use you, manipulate you.

Emotional dependence, on the contrary, will mean that you will not be happy without another person by your side.

Let go, let go, be free … We have learned to support, care, protect. But, very often, we have to untie the knots.

Letting go will help you get away from your obsessions, and open your mind. In addition, this will promote a more flexible behavior.

Those knots that bring you nothing good and that make us unhappy, and that make us tired.

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