What we keep, the body turns it into symptoms

  • It’s the same with stress. The effect of this emotion does not cause side effects if we support it for a relatively short time. But if we support it for weeks and months, we will eventually get sick.

What are psychosomatic diseases?

  • Now imagine that we have a co-worker who constantly criticizes us in our backs. It is not something punctual, but its behavior is recurrent to the point that it becomes a habit and creates a very negative working environment.
  • If we keep all that we feel for months, all this hidden emotion will affect our health (it’s like wearing a glass of water at arm’s length for months).

A psychosomatic illness is when the mind (psiché) creates an alteration on the body (soma).

This reality is so common that it is even believed that some physical illnesses can get worse because of mental factors like stress and anxiety.

Physical effects of everything we keep in our daily lives

When something bothers us and we do not manage it well, our brain turns it into a negative emotion with biological consequences.

It increases the activity of nerve impulses to release specific neurotransmitters like adrenaline.

This neurotransmitter, along with cortisol, which also increases our blood flow, can generate the following:

  • Emotional blockages, stress and anxiety affect the activity of some cells of the immune system, so we are more vulnerable to disease.

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