What happens when you eat pistachios on a daily basis?

A very good way for women to stay in shape is to reduce the risk factors for health problems they face. Keeping a heart and blood vessels healthy is one of the most important things a woman can do. Pistachios can help them. You can read more about the scientific facts proving the benefits of pistachio for the heart.

Keeping a fitness weight is also a major concern for women. According to food experts, a key factor to achieve this is to consume small snacks. The best snacks contain fiber, protein and good fats. Pistachios meet these three criteria, with 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein and 11 grams of heart-healthy fat per serving, or about 49 nuts. In addition, pistachios may contain fewer calories than previously thought. Discover the nutritional content of pistachios. You can also find information on weight management and pistachios.

Diabetes is also a growing concern for women, especially with aging. Studies suggest that pistachios are a great snack for people looking to control their blood sugar levels. You can read more about pistachios and blood glucose control.

Does your man have performance problems in bed? Studies have shown that men with erectile dysfunction who added pistachios to their diet for three weeks improved their erectile function. Discover the study on the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

In the past, it was recommended to eat it to cure minor diseases such as toothache. Pistachio is one of the lowest calorie nuts, between 3 and 4. Good in fatty acids, rich in phylosterols, pistachios also provide many dietary fiber and is a real source of antioxidants.

This exotic, once exotic, oleaginous fruit is available in all stores, and represents the healthiest snack possible for its effects on metabolism, cholesterol lowering and anti-aging. The pistachio deserves a place of choice in our daily diet because its health benefits are very numerous.

What happens when you eat pistachios: they fight against stress . Recent scientific studies have shown that pistachios have a beneficial effect on acute stress-related reactions thanks to the many antioxidants found in pistachios such as resveratrol (also found in reason and peanuts), lutein, quercetin or naringenin. These would help curb the harmful effects of stress. Thus, eating a few pistachios every day would reduce the effects of stress on blood pressure.

Pistachios are also a significant source of magnesium (8% per 30g serving). Magnesium is an excellent anti-stress because it helps regulate blood pressure. However, most French have a lower magnesium intake than the recommendations, which are 360 ​​mg per day for women and 420 mg for men.

The occasional consumption of pistachios reduces cholesterol by 20% thanks to its rich antioxidant Lutein

Pistachios are an excellent source of essential dietary fiber to activate the metabolism and facilitate digestion.Pistachios are one of the richest fiber nuts and seeds: 28 grams of pistachios provide 3 grams of dietary fiber, or about 12% of the daily intake. This is twice as much fiber as the same amount of nuts and as much fiber as in a portion of oat flakes.

Fibers have a very important role in intestinal transit. Due to their water absorption capacity, they stimulate the contractions of the intestine and promote bacterial activity in the colon.

What happens when you eat pistachios: it regulates blood sugar levels thanks to its phosphorus intake. A pistachio cup covers 60% of our daily phosphorus requirements, which is necessary for protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

The pistachios, if they are consumed regularly, are very beneficial for the sexual potency in the man, thanks to the essential fatty acids which they contain they increase on the one hand the production of the sex hormones and on the other hand the blood flow towards the genitals.

Pistachios against cardiovascular diseases. Almost 90% of the fats in pistachios are unsaturated fats that can lower blood cholesterol and heart disease.

Of all oilseeds, pistachios are the ones that provide the most key antioxidants for cell regeneration and fight free radicals. Natural BOTOX, 5 to 6 pistachios daily help fight wrinkles.

By buying your pistachios, take the unpeeled ones, like that by opening them you can count them because it is not necessary to abuse them.

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