What bothers us about others says a lot about us

This is not the first time that I say that if we really want to evolve in life, we must turn to our “enemies” because they are valuable sources of information to help us progress. quickly. If we have enough openness to see them as such, obviously …

By “enemies”, I mean all those people who annoy us, disturb us, make us live discomfort. Those with whom we live in conflict or anyone we can not feel from near and far. Let us also think of those who are our target when we go into sarcasm or pettiness … All these people are placed there, on our way, to teach us something that we refuse to see in us. Either it is about something we are ashamed of, or it awakens painful memories with which we have not yet reconciled. It does not matter, they are the mouthpieces of everything that has not been understood and forgiven.

Fight against his demons

As an example, I remember how many years ago I had a horror of having to bow to authority. To feel that I had to submit to someone’s orders – even if that person was the one who signed my pay check – was causing me some form of revolt. In fact, I felt humiliated. Yes, you read correctly … Humiliated! Humiliated not to have the choice to refuse what was asked of me. It’s deep, is not it?

My vision of things was such that I interpreted any form of authority as an abuse of power, even if it was not one in fact.

My vision of things was such that I interpreted any form of authority as an abuse of power, even if it was not one in fact. All because of experiences during my childhood, experiences during which I felt that one had tried to crush me and diminish me.

Basically, I was resistant to authority because I was so anxious about my mother and the way she had often unfairly treated me.

Accept the discomfort to heal

Fortunately, I have come a long way since then, but I must admit that there is a little bit of discomfort with the authority and it sometimes wants to rise to the surface and do justice. However, from now on, I have enough discernment to understand what is happening and to balance things out.

If we take a few moments to think of someone for whom we have some form of dislike or who the current really does not go through … Let’s try to see what is causing us so many negative reactions and see if, in reality, this person does not send back an image of us that we are ashamed or scared of or if it does not just awaken a memory that has hurt or marked us tremendously.

Obviously, the easiest way would be to get away from these people, to simply ignore them. Sometimes, the emotions they make us live are so intense that, yes, it is probably better to take a step back to better prepare to face them later.

Anyway, what we need to remember here is that if it hangs with someone, it means that there is a message in the mailbox for us.

Jackie B. Hamilton

Jackie B. Hamilton is a writer and blogger on awakening consciousness. We find, in his bibliography, The invisible child (give himself the right to exist), Who are we without our wounds (Understanding and intelligently manage his emotions), The philosophy of let it be (Because happiness does not It does not have to be complicated), from the current me to the dreamed self (to become what one wishes to be) and the logbook to manifest the unexpected. Visit. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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