We must learn to get away from people who do not need us

We must learn to get away from people who do not need us

In reality, children will always need us.

There are certain friendships that always appear punctually, in the most interested moments.

Sometimes they need advice, support, and being listened to. We must therefore pay attention to this kind of case.

  • We give our support, our affection and our understanding to our friends, from the moment when there is a reciprocity. Like any type of relationship, a friendship is based on a sincere exchange of emotions, thoughts, supports, etc.
  • If you do not feel any of these dimensions and you see that these people are looking for you when they want something in exchange, do not be scrupulous about setting limits.
  • As we pointed out before, it’s not about breaking the bond overnight. In reality, it is enough to tell the truth and to firmly mark the limits.

“I can not do that because I do not feel it.” I notice that you seek my friendship only when you need something. I would like more recognition from you. “

The pleasure of counting for the people for whom you really count

Do not worry if, during your life, you had to leave a lot of people on your way.

In reality, life is moving forward to keep only the essential, what really matters and that fills you completely.

If you have a light-hearted mind and a fulfilled heart, you will have more happiness, and that’s why we must not hesitate before we evict those who no longer need us and do not need us anymore. .

There will be times when you will feel a lot of pain when you realize that someone who is very important to you has stopped giving you importance and need of you.

Remediation of this pain takes time, but we must always remember that the greatest love of our life is ourselves.

If we do not love each other and do not respect each other, we will not be able to open the second chance door.

  • The people who really matter to you are very rare, but they are surely the best. It’s not about “accumulating people” as we do on social networks. In life, it is better to prioritize and love those who are before us.
  • Those who really need you, know how to demonstrate it to you in an honest way, without selfishness or blackmail. Those who love you respect you and know how to establish this exchange where everyone wins and no one loses.
  • If the people who need you know how to show it, never forget to tell them the same thing. Show those around you that you need them. It’s a very deep form of recognition because they feel useful, important and indispensable in our lives.

We need a lot of things to live on: food, shelter, warmth, and moments of leisure and freedom.

However, we must not forget that the most important “things” of this world are people.

It is therefore very important to know how to respect, recognize and leave behind unnecessary weights that can cause suffering and put a brake on our personal growth.

Think of yourself first, and live every day for yourself and for those who really matter to you.

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