We are all born with wings, but sometimes life pulls them away

We know it’s not easy. To be born with wings and to keep them in good condition all life is not easy, because every disappointment, every stone on the road and every betrayal takes away feathers until finally we lose that breath which previously gave strength to our dreams.

It is good to remember that those who must never lose their wings are children.

Childhood is a wonderful time for a child to believe that anything is possible if he wants to. We invite you to think about this.

To be born with wings to reach one’s goals

A child’s brain has an exceptional gift that we need to know how to stimulate throughout his childhood and adolescence.

It’s the power of learning, neuroplasticity, a time when we have to maximize our abilities to give it roots and wings to fly.

It is often said that those who act as true wing cutters are the relatives of the family and their own educational system.

Let’s see all this in detail.

Facilitating families and families hindering

We are sure that you have already heard of democratic education versus dictatorial education.

These are two different styles in which children internalize a series of values ​​that can affect their adult development.

  • The facilitating families are those who respect the dreams and the emotional needs of the child.
  • They offer them roots, a security based on recognition and respect where doors are opened for them to achieve what they want. Always with an adult as a guide.
  • The family that hinders and paralyzes, for its part, is the one who has planned in advance a plan of life for his children. Children must force their way back into adult patterns.

This family does not take into account the child’s thoughts, personality, or need to enjoy childhood.

His dreams are perceived as “nonsense” and directed towards concrete goals.

Having received this type of education in childhood and youth often limits development and children see themselves as people who are not able or deserving of their goals or successes.

Find your wings once they are lost

The wings are not lost at once. After a complicated childhood or adolescence, there are always new opportunities for those who continue to trust themselves and want to be happy.

  • The wings push back every dream created, every step we take with confidence and confidence, thinking that we deserve something much better.
  • To heal these wounded and featherless wings with which we reach our daily flights, it is necessary first of all to know if the people around us give us breath or take it away from us.
  • A complicated affective relationship, a family that continues to control us, or friends who are more interested in their own interests than the common good, are issues that hinder our self-esteem enormously.
  • Set priorities. Convince yourself every day that it is worth striving for what can make us happy.
  • If the people at your side are removing one feather after another in your personal growth, consider whether this situation is worth living. Maybe you will have to make a decision.

It is necessary to remember something important. Sometimes, to recover one’s wings, we have no choice but to dare to fly on our own, and that’s something we have to do alone. To fly on our own means to change. Change of scenery, people and even attitude.

  • Once we have passed the stage and the change has arrived, we feel much freer, without stones in our shoes.
  • This inner well-being is so pleasant and comforting that, without even realizing it, you will have recovered it again.

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