Want to lose weight? here are 3 things to avoid in the evening

A recent study confirms that if you work more than 48 hours a week, you are obviously more likely to be stressed, and this leads to weight gain. Stress and anxiety can increase appetite. The reason seems simple: in the face of stress, many people eat or drink alcohol to calm themselves down. Alcohol significantly increases the level of cortisol, and therefore makes you fat.

Moreover, another scientific research demonstrates that stress causes the hypothalamus to secrete a substance that increases the fat mass in the body.

Working less can then work wonders on your health and your line!

Losing weight

  • Consume caffeine after 18:00:

Caffeine can double the level of cortisol, especially if it is consumed in the evening because it can have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep. Quality and uninterrupted sleep is essential to reduce the level of cortisol, so it is important to avoid coffee consumption after 6pm.

  • To be constantly connected:

A recent Canadian study found that people who are constantly “connected” are more vulnerable to stress. The use of TV, smartphones and computers can contribute to stress and weight gain. Take the time to disable these devices and take breaks during the day, go off!

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