Walking: The benefit of walking

With the summer that is here, many of us have a furious desire to be in shape rather than form. The desire also to be outside and to breathe fresh air at full lungs. Okay it gets complicated with all this surrounding pollution but the need is still felt.

The benefit of walking

We will discuss here the benefits of walking. More precisely the tonic walk.

Scientists are realizing that the impact of your feet on the ground not only increases the blood flow to the heart and muscles, but also sends wave pressure through the arteries, thereby improving the blood supply. to the brain.

Walking even 3 kms daily would already reduce our cardiovascular risk by 50%. Walking in the morning would be all the more beneficial and would further reduce this risk.

US researchers are highlighting the fact that walking would also reduce the risk of cancer. I do not have a study to prove it yet but I will be happy to talk to you about it when we know more about it.

This year, at the Annual Congress of Experimental Biology, research has shown that tonic walking regulates cerebral blood flow.

Until then, scientists and other researchers thought that cerebral blood circulation was an involuntary activity of the body and that changes in blood pressure due to exercise did not affect the blood supply to the body. brain.

I’m going to give you the technical details of the research, but using an ultrasound system, researchers at Highlands University in New Mexico discovered that changes in blood supply to the brain when walking are much more important than when riding a bike. And this, because of the impact of our feet on the ground.

From research to discovery, the morning tonic walk proves to be both physically and mentally healthy, even affecting our self-esteem.

No need to subscribe to the gym that you will attend 8 times before you do not go there, or even to do 20 km by bike to be fit and healthier.

Forget the “crossfit” (not really, forget!), Mini-marathons and zumba to lose weight. Those who say that it is never easy to find fitness and well-being are wrong. Because walking is easy. And then, it’s economical.

Walking daily can help you

To regulate your sleep cycles, reduce your cardiovascular risks, have an influence on the reduction of cancer risks (it still remains to be checked), helps regulate and burn fat, correct blood sugar levels and improves the oxygenation of the brain. Just that should make you put on your sneakers and open the door, right ?!

In addition, walking improves our mental faculties and brings us better self-esteem (free therapy in the process!) And finally, walking helps to reduce and manage stress.

Still not convinced?

And if I add to that that walking improves the complexion of your skin, helps with the absorption of vitamin D, helps control the

Cholesterol, improves your endurance and resilience, increases your overall muscle tone and boost your metabolism ??

I speak daily about the importance of making conscious choices for better health. Natural medicines like naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc. are holistic health approaches that can improve your overall balance, physical, emotional and psychic. Choose to move and feed yourself intelligently and then, go buy yourself a good pair of walking shoes and … walk! All of this is as important as eating, drinking and breathing. It’s just that you are told less.

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