Victory in Paris against the GMOs of the American giant Monsanto

This is excellent news from Paris, which has had a lot of bad news lately. A major legal victory for the voice of science and reason against the GMOs of the American giant Monsanto. Its implications will be felt around the world.

If our world still wants to rid the 21st century of the deadly scourge of the plague presented under the name of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs, it will be indebted for a huge debt of gratitude for the courageous work of Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini and its excellent team of conscientious scientists from CRIIGEN, the French Independent Research and Information Committee on Genetic Engineering.

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Gilles-Éric Séralini

In a world where the corruption of scientists by industry has become almost banal, the existence of a conscientious scientific group, not funded by industry, doing independent research and information on genetic engineering and its impacts in biology, environment, agriculture, food, medicine, and public health, including short, medium, and long-term effects on human health and the entire ecosystem of life is, as far as I know, unique. Few are aware of their tireless and ungrateful work.

Comment: Without the information provided by alternative news sites, the information the official media gives you is filtered through to what needs to be said or not. An example of what should not be communicated by the aligned media:

“Governments do not require long-term studies like those conducted by Séralini. The reason why Séralini’s study was accused of being inappropriate is that no other similar long-term study has ever been conducted, because governments around the world simply do not require it. If they did, the world would have a very different understanding about the supposed safety of GMOs. “

For this reason, the verdict in favor of Séralini in a defamation suit that the High Court of Paris has just pronounced is doubly good news. On 6 November 2015, the Paris High Court charged Professor Marc Fellous, former president of the French Biomolecular Engineering Commission, with “forgeries” and “use of forgery”, in a defamation lawsuit he lost against Professor Séralini. The fine will be fixed during 2016.

Created in the Ministry of Agriculture, the French Commission for Biomolecular Engineering is well known for its defense of GMOs. This body is responsible in France to certify as safe a number of varieties of genetically modified plants.

Fellous is not a banal man himself. Member of the famous Institut Pasteur, he is president of the French Association of Plant Biotechnology, responsible for the risk assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms at the French Ministry of Agriculture, as well as professor of human genetics at the University of Paris. The lawsuit was filed by Séralini in January 2011.

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What says Marc Felous, Pro GM: “The content of mycotoxin (natural substance potentially carcinogenic) genetically modified corn is much lower than that of conventional corn, and this is even more true for organic corn. Or again: “No scientific study has so far been able to prove any danger of GM maize for health. According to a source close to the case, in order to argue that Séralini and his fellow researchers were mistaken in their reassessment of Monsanto’s studies, Fellous had used or copied a scientist’s signature without his agreement.Revaluation of Séralini reported the discovery of signs of toxicity in the raw data from Monsanto’s own studies of the MON 863-fed rat, Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) corn. Another flagrant mistake

With the overwhelming publication of his explosive study on the rat, which studied the two-year effects covering his entire life, the same team of scientists led by Séralini was at the center of [the denunciation of] one of the recent cases of most flagrant malpractice. Surprisingly, in the entire twenty years of the history of the GMO trade, it was the first ever long-term study in rats. Showing in detail the effects of a GMO-based diet, the conclusions were chilling.

In September 2012, the well-known scientific journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, published a study conducted at the University of Caen, France, by the team of scientists led by Gilles-Éric Séralini. The results of this study produced shockwaves worldwide.

Séralini’s group had just completed the first study in the world, at a cost of 3 million euros, on the effects of a GM corn diet in more than 200 rats for two full years. The study revealed alarming cases of cancerous tumors, severe organic damage, and premature death in rats fed GM corn treated with Monsanto glyphosate Roundup. The study used Monsanto’s Roundup Ready NK603 corn. The patented term Roundup Ready means that GM corn is “ready” to resist one of the world’s most toxic herbicides, Monsanto Roundup, a highly toxic glyphosate cocktail and other chemicals that are trade secrets.

Commentary: Gilles-Éric Séralini said he was “attacked in an extremely dishonest way by lobbies who pretend to be the scientific community. It is the same lobby that allowed the authorization of these products and is activated by biotech companies. While on their side, international researchers support the French study and denounce disinformation.

To avoid pressure from the industry, the Séralini study was published after two years of research in absolute secrecy, and four months of evaluation by qualified scientific colleagues. Within hours of the study’s release, a coordinated global media campaign to challenge its findings was launched. No facts were presented, just typical claims that the study was “unscientific” or that bad rats had been used.

Comment: At the time, the Science Media Center published eight reactions of scientists. All rejected the study of Gilles-Éric Séralini and his Criigen team. Presenting itself as an independent company “working to promote the opinions of the UK science community for the media”. This center is actually 70% funded by the big names in the biotechnology industry. BASF, Bayer, Novartis and CropLife International are all funders of this company.

Global media coverage has forced the corrupt EU Commission, which favors GMOs to hedge. The official advisory body of “independent” experts on EU food security, EFSA, denounced the study by Séralini even before conducting a comparable long-term independent study, in order to verify it or to refute. Unknown to most EU citizens, investigative bodies have revealed that members of EFSA’s Scientific Council, responsible for monitoring Monsanto and its shell companies, have direct or indirect links to this same GMO industry .

In January 2014, more than a year from the first publication, the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology made the unprecedented decision to officially retract Séralini’s article, advancing the incredible justification that his study was “inconclusive”. If you open the footnote, you will find the entire exchange between Elsevier, the publisher of the magazine, and the Séralini team. [This note does not seem to exist – Editor’s Note]

Comment: In their secret war to discredit the Séralini study, the “litany of conflicts of interest and other pro-biotech positions of the fifty or so public critics of the Séralini study could be continued on pages. We meet representatives of Indian trade unions promoting biotechnology, others wanting to stop world hunger with a ration of GMO, or specialists in communication pro-GMO (David Tribe) and other lobbyists working between São Paulo (Lucia de Souza), Washington and Brussels, the golden triangle for GMOs … “

Just before the retraction, the paper hired Richard E. Goodman as the new “Associate Editor for Biotechnology”. This was the new point of view, apparently introduced especially by Goodman following the “Séralini affair”.

Goodman was a former Monsanto employee and an active member of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). Funded by multinational GMO and agrochemical companies, including Monsanto, ILSI is developing “industry-friendly” risk assessment methods for GM foods and chemical food contaminants, and introducing them into regulations government. One of Goodman’s first decisions at the journal was to retract the document from Séralini’s study as “inconclusive”. If this criterion were applied to all scientific studies, there would be no scientific journal. All science, by definition, is a process of mining, essentially testing hypotheses, again testing the old ones, always more thoroughly. Séralini’s paper called for further research to confirm the alarming conclusions. Instead of doing so, Monsanto and the GMO lobby decided to kill the messenger .

“Curses are like chickens …”

A 13th century phrase says, “Curses are like chickens; they always come to perch at home. On March 30, 2015, more than a year later, the editors of the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology announced that Richard Goodman, the former Monsanto employee, had been “fired” from the editorial board, and that the editor Chief, A. Wallace Hayes, in favor of GMOs, was catapulted into the stupid position of “Director of Strategy and Vision”.

In June 2014, Springer’s European online journal on environmental science, saw fit to reissue Séralini’s document that had been retracted. Does the new Editor-in-Chief of Food and Chemical Toxicology have the moral clout of trying to repair the serious damage to Séralini’s scientific reputation and the truth about the deadly consequences of patented GM seeds and their weed killers? , by issuing a public apology? Maybe that will wait for a new verdict from the Paris court. In the meantime, Professor Séralini and his group are doing further rat studies and finding further evidence that ALL GMOs are toxic to humans and animals. In true science, as in life, stubborn honesty ultimately takes precedence over fraud, deception and corruption.

Comment: The journalist Stéphane Foucart writes in La Fabrique du lie, that “the industry’s favorite weapon to target disturbing researchers is defamation.” Christian Vélot said in an interview:

“In a well-done society, there would be no need for whistleblowers. When they disappear, it is that democracy and expertise will have evolved. “

The entire discipline of so-called biotechnology is corrupt and rotten to the very heart of its unscientific reductionist base. This should not surprise anyone, since purposely created by the main eugenic families of America, it was funded by their Rockefeller Foundation to advance their dementia eugenic program at the time when this same foundation was funding Nazi eugenic research at the time. Kaiser Wilhelm Institute Berlin.

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Eugenics is the way of human evolution As for a tree, eugenics draws its own materials from many sources and organizes them into a harmonious entity.

In 1938, when “molecular biology” was invented through the foundation’s grants to universities such as the California Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge, England , the Rockefeller Foundation’s director of medical research had for 34 years been some Alan Gregg. Gregg wrote: “There is a disturbing parallel between the growth of cancer in an organism and the growth of the human population in the ecological economy of the earth. He then said, “Cancerous tumors need food, but as far as I know, they have never been healed by getting it. Analogies can be found on our looted planet. James Rockefeller, former president of First National City Bank, later Citigroup, served on Monsanto’s board until his death at age 102 in 2004.

The inventors of GMOs and their “herbicides” matched them created to delete us as “useless eaters” or “weeds”, as I wrote recently in We Are the Weeds Targeted by the Herbicide Roundup of Monsanto. This article is about a new study by Professor Séralini and his group.


William Engdahl is a strategic risk consultant and speaker. He holds a degree in Politics from Princeton University and is a bestselling author on oil and geopolitics for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook.

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