USA: bees include list of endangered species

Despite humanity’s efforts to conserve wildlife, every year new animals enter the list of endangered or extinct species. And in the USA, the bee has just joined the list. A disastrous news for the environment.

The list of endangered animal species now has a new member. After years of study, National Geographic has revealed that bees are now endangered in the United States, especially in the Hawaiian archipelago. This is all the more serious because it is not just a single species of bee that is concerned, but 7 different members of the black-headed bee family.

Among the listed species are Hylaeus anthracinus, Hylaeus assimulans, Hylaeus facilis, Hylaeus hilaris, Hylaeus kuakea, Hylaeus longiceps and Hylaeus mana. Seven species of yellow-headed black bees very well known to the inhabitants of Hawaii because formerly, they were numerous on the archipelago. These insects were also the most numerous in Hawaii in the early 1990s.

Species threatened with extinction

What has happened so that the population is reduced to the point of turning them into endangered species?

The main reasons are climate change, loss of habitat and even other insects, as some ants eat their larvae. The loss of the majority of the population is also a scourge because these bees make it possible to pollinate certain fragile tropical flowers and plants which are also threatened with extinction.

And if other common species could take care of it, it would be to the detriment of so-called “common” plants. The survival of all bees, whatever they are, is therefore vital to the ecosystem of the archipelago.

With their new status as endangered species, these bees will benefit from protective measures from the federal government to help revitalize the population and protect them from the negative impact caused by the proximity of men. These provisions will be of vital importance for the protection of bees, whose populations throughout the United States have declined sharply in recent years.

If the disappearance of bees has reached very worrying proportions in the United States, it also affects other countries around the world. In France, bees are also becoming less numerous because of the destruction of their environment and pesticides. The entry of these most endangered species, however, represents a step closer to safeguarding these animals essential to the well-being of the Earth.

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