Try to stop complaining for a week and see what happens

Often complaining does not bring us anything good and does us no good. But unfortunately it has often become a bad habit, even a second “bad nature”. Challenge yourself to stop complaining for 7 days and see what happens.

Always pitying someone is the best way to increase one’s weakness and laziness. Quote from Aivanhov; What is a spiritual master? (1982)

1. Try to feed thinking before speaking

Sometimes you justify complaining to your loved ones by saying that it is good to be open and honest in your feelings. However, if this is not associated with a search for solutions, it will only produce negativity.

Take a week, try to better control your frustrations and control your emotions, to evacuate all that could be a source of complaint, dedicating yourself – body and mind – to something that stimulates your well-being. It can be, for example, meditating, listening to music, walking in the forest, coloring or knitting.

2. Be kind

Any subject of complaint can alter your mood and make you introverted. Instead, engage yourself for 7 days to be kind to your loved ones and to show gratitude for anything that might be irritable.

After this week of good resolutions, your enthusiasm can be communicated to your environment and create a virtuous circle.

3. Change your point of view

Your complaints usually reflect a sign of weakness in the face of something you feel you do not have control over. However, you have the ability to reconsider your appreciation of the situation, through humor or having a positive attitude.

Make a commitment during this week, whenever you have the opportunity to complain, to adopt positivity and to have a conciliatory point of view.

4. Find a click

When you complain, you focus more on the problems by complaining, which causes the blocking of potential solutions.

Make a commitment during this week that every time something upsets you, try to find a new idea or a springboard to bring change to your life.

Those who complain the most are those who are the least to be pitied. Quote from Benjamin Franklin; Poor Richard’s Almanac (1733)

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