Trump family: here are the sons who are protected animal hunters

His taste for weapons? Donald Trump claims it. The US candidate for the Republican primary had allowed this exit after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan: “Look at Paris, with the most restrictive weapons-carrying laws in the world, no one had weapons except the bad guys. We can say what we want, if they had weapons, if our people were armed, if they had the right to carry weapons, the situation would have been very, very different. “

Trump family

A taste that has apparently been passed on to his sons, both shooting enthusiasts and passionate about trophy hunting.

Animal rights activists also revolted in 2012 with the publication of a series of photographs taken in Zimbabwe where you can see the two brothers posing proudly with the corpses of a big kudu ( an African bovid), a civet, a waterbuck (an antelope), a crocodile, a buffalo … and even a leopard and an elephant!

These last two species are threatened with extinction.

The hecatomb of the “big five”

With the father’s political rise, the “exploits” of the threads are resurfacing on the canvas, bringing back in their wake the debate on the possibility of legally hunting animals on the red list of endangered species. A debate which had also vigorously reappeared at the death of Cecil the lion in July 2015.

How can such protected hunting permits be granted?

In fact, the principle of trophy hunting is to bring back a part of the body of the animal that has been successfully killed (almost always with a firearm or crossbow). But prestige is considered to be greater when the animal in question is a big male and if it belongs – for African safaris – to the “big five”.

Trump family

These are the 5 typically African species: lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo. Problem: only the bovid is not on the list of endangered species.

So, to satisfy the appetite of hunters, quotas have been established in some African countries allowing some shooting on private land, for a very large financial contribution (several tens of thousands of euros) for the conservation of animals in national parks (health center, salaries of rangers, …). Sacrifice an individual to save the species in sum.

Trump family

Except that in some cases, the death of a large adult male can lead to the death of other individuals of his species. This is the case with the lion, as the biologist Léo Grasset explains in his book:

“A lion can monopolize the reproduction of five or six females. There is a permanent replacement of the males because the young people constantly come to face the old ones to be able to reproduce (…) However, the females are not receptive sexually as they have to take care of their young ones and that is why as soon as a young male manages to oust a male from a group, he kills all the cubs he is not the father of “

To kill a dominant male lion is therefore to condemn the children of his group. A perverse and unseen cascade effect of trophy hunting.

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