Trick to repel all flies this summer.

During the summer, we like to spend as much time as possible outside. It is particularly pleasant in the early evening, when the weather is soft and the sun goes down. However, this delicious moment can often be spoiled by flies of flies and other flying creatures. But, rather than using fly traps or scented candles, there is a less intrusive and more elegant way of repelling flies.

You only need:

– 1 transparent plastic closing bag or a glass jar with a lid

– 7 coins

some water

Trick to repel all flies this summer. First, pour the water in the bag.

Then put the pieces in it.

Close the bag.

Place it or hang it on a branch next to your favorite place. Or on a wall if you are on a balcony. Flies hate the reflections of the water and the glare of the rooms in the sun. This simulates refraction on the surface of the water, suggesting impending drowning or fish death in the Drosophila brain. Works every time !

It is a simple, discreet and effective method to repel insects. Everyone should know her.

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