Tourists pass a baby dolphin to take selfies. He dies

As reported by the Argentinian Wildlife Foundation, the Franciscan Dolphin baby (so called because of his brown skin that looks like a monk’s bure) is a vulnerable species: “Like other dolphins, he can not stay long off some water. Its very thick and very oily skin warms it permanently, and it dehydrates very quickly in the open air.

This episode is intended to inform the public of the urgent need to return these dolphins to the water as soon as they are spotted on the shore. This species, which lives only in the waters of South America where it tends to swim very close to the coast and catch in fishing nets, has only 30,000 individuals. A young Franciscan dolphin, a threatened species, died last week on the beach of Santa Teresita in Buenos Aires (Argentina), after being found stranded by a crowd of tourists who immediately wanted to take selfies with him.

Photos that were soon found on social networks … Except that holidaymakers spent a long time the mammal from hand to hand before leaving it on the sand, dried up, reports the British newspaper “Metro”, where curious have continued to take a picture even after his death.


According to other sources the baby dolphin was already dead but that does not detract from the sordid aspect of this story.

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