Total detoxification of body and mind in 72 hours

Do not do this detox if you are a beginner! But if you agree to respect the needs of your organization, it is very simple to achieve. Fasting is an excellent way to give our body the break it requires.

Research has shown that three days of fasting regenerate the immune system. This detox is a bit difficult,

But the benefits far outweigh any minor inconvenience you may encounter during the three days. After your body will thank you as well as your spirit. You will have more clarity, mental focus, pure thoughts and calm!

What you will need

– 4 organic lemons of preferences

– 4 teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt (or unrefined sea salt)

Important: You can not consume any food except water, water with lemon and water with salt during this detox.

Tips: Start fasting after dinner (7 pm) and you will finish fasting on the third day at 7 pm

First day

You must start early in the morning on an empty stomach. Mix two teaspoons of unrefined sea salt (or Himalayas) with 1 liter of hot water. Drink the whole mixture (this can be difficult, but plug your nose if necessary). This will clean the colon so be sure to be near the bathroom the next two hours. After detoxification with salt water, drinking hot water with a slice of lemon releases toxins and is an excellent source of vitamin C. Drink as much as you want. Take a warm bath, walk, stretch, do yoga, meditate and read. Also avoid noise, television, internet, phones …

Second day

Drink more salt water. Take a walk and stretch slightly before and after. Breathe in fresh air. Drink water or hot water with lemon if you want.

Third day

You may feel a little weak on the third day so avoid any fast movements. Try to walk a little if you can. Drink water or hot water with lemon (unsweetened) if you want it. If needed, take a teaspoon of coconut oil to assimilate healthy fats and calories. When you finish the detox, choose to eat something fresh and natural, such as green tea. Consume raw fruits and vegetables for the next two days.

The benefits of fasting

Overall, after the young, besides rejuvenation, all organs will function more normally. In addition, your mind and your nervous system will be strengthened and the endocrine glands will regulate their hormonal secretion.

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