To let go is not to admit defeat, but to accept what can not be

  • In fact, we think that for at least several months, and the passage of time is synonymous with mourning. Emotional relief, support, and accepting the reality of the situation are the keys to moving forward.
  • It is important to understand that “letting go” is also an act of unsurpassable courage. Because no one can live hooked to suffering and pain.
  • When we lose someone, we must “let him go”, “let go” so that this natural process of farewell also allows us to move forward, without forgetting what we were left behind, but being brave and smiling again.

We must give time to time. It is possible that nothing is ever as before but what is different is not necessarily “bad”.

On the contrary, we can live new situations very happy and beautiful.

You have to learn to let go of what does not want to stay, which does not hold

There are moments throughout our lives where we are obsessed with change and even with the fact that the person we love is leaving us, even if they do not love us anymore.

  • It is necessary to know that there is no greater suffering than to deny, to refuse, to close our eyes to a reality that escapes under our feet and that we try to hide.
  • We must let go of what no longer stands alone because otherwise we live in a painful and uncertain falsehood that no one deserves.
  • You have to be brave and face the realities. If we do not love each other anymore, we must not implore or “prolong a little more”. These are direct attacks on self-esteem.

Sometimes, even if it seems incredible, letting go of what is not good is a way to discover even better things.

Life will teach you who you need to fight and who to give up

In the intense process of letting go, freeing oneself of things that hurt, who does not like us or who wants us wrong, we open an interesting page where we can discover all that is really important.

  • It does not matter if we are very little along the way. It does not matter if there are only four people left by your side, or even two.
  • If that’s what makes you happy, if it’s these people, those things that really enrich your mind and your heart, then all the detachment you’ve done was worth it.

Do not forget that what you have left behind are key pieces of your life.

Everything you have experienced is important because even if none of this is part of your destiny, it’s part of your personal story.

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