To all those people who are afraid to love, it’s time to let yourself be loved.

Because somewhere along the way, you started believing that someone you loved was telling you, and what she was saying started to interfere with your relationship with yourself.

But believe me when I tell you that this person was lying to you or was wrong.

The little voices in your head that tell you … that you’re not pretty enough, pretty enough (beautiful), and kind enough, deserve to fall into oblivion.

These little voices deserve to be forgotten and not listened to.

I know you’re wondering about love as much as you believe in it.

But you must understand that you deserve it, you deserve love with a big A.

You deserve love more than anyone else.

You are someone who knows how to love so deeply.

But how can a heart that has experienced so much pain, so much pain, love so much?

How a face that has felt so many tears can still illuminate the world of his loved ones?

How is it that you are not destroyed and destroyed, and that you still manage to give hope to others?

Because you are beautiful.

Because you are a person who deserves an infinite love, a finished love, a love that never ends.

You do not like the wrong way, you just liked the wrong people. And there is a very big difference between these two things.

It’s not a fault, it’s not something wrong, or something that you’ve hurt.

You can analyze things because you know that people can change at any time. Because it has happened to you already.

So you were trying to prepare yourself, to look at a future, you were trying to find excuses to leave that person before she left you, so as not to hurt too much when it happened.

You let people in your life, but not in your inner circle.

You let people in your life, but not get too close to you, so they can not hurt you.

You believe that the common factor in all of these things is you.

That you are the guilty one.

But one day you will understand that it is not you, that it is simply life, that all relationships, like all fairy tales, do not always end well.

One day you will understand, and all these things will make sense.

One day you will meet someone who will upset your whole life.

One day you will meet the person you deserve.

The person who will make you feel that your flaws are in fact unique qualities.

That your weaknesses are part of your hidden beauty.

One day you will meet this person who will love you in the best way, in a way that will directly touch your heart and mind.

One day you will meet this person who will stand by you, and you will not be afraid of Love.

And above all, you will meet a person who will not abandon you, and you will not give up.

You deserve this person.

You deserve that kind of love, the most wonderful love, the one you give to others without waiting for something in return.

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