Tired of being told that “deliver by caesarean section” had to be “easier for her”, she put the points on the i

Having a caesarean section is a delicate moment, which can be painful, even dangerous for the mother and her baby. Of course, some caesareans are planned in advance and are going very well, thanks to a good physical and mental preparation.

On the other hand, having an emergency caesarean section can be more risky, and it certainly is not a pleasure!

That’s why this young mother gets angry when she hears that Caesarean section represents “the easy way”, that it avoids the pain of a “real” birth, as if all mothers giving birth by cesarean section did it by choice, as if it represented a form of cheating.

Tired of being told that “to deliver by caesarean section” had to be “easier for her”,

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That is why, with very raw but crying words of truth, she wanted to put the points on the “i” with regard to cesarean delivery. His message of brutal honesty highlights the difficulties involved in this type of surgery, and he quickly became viral for the message he conveys …

Here is the post of this mother, that we took the freedom to translate into French below:


” Oh. Caesarean section? So, you did not really have to give birth, actually. It must have been handy to have been able to choose the facility, like that … “

Ah yes. My caesarean section, this easy and pleasant moment … It was really “practical”, after 38 hours of contractions and work, to have heard that my baby was in a state of critical emergency and that each of the contractions had the immediate effect of literally STOPING HIS HEART. What joy !

When I was told at the beginning that progress was good and that I would not need to have a cesarean section … Then, finally, I was told at the last minute that I had to be prepared in emergency for major abdominal surgery, all this was not very shocking, finally. It had nothing to do with the fact that I could not physically, or that I had no other choice to save my child’s life. Oh, and of course, it’s a surgery that is really easy to recover, it leaves fortunately almost no trace!


The truth is, it was the most painful thing I had ever felt.

I now belong to this “badass” tribe of “ultra-brave super-moms who have this scar, which proves that they had a baby who was snatched away from their belly, and that they survived to tell the legend.

(Yes, because we can die, you know.)

When a red screaming infant is extracted from an incision made directly into your belly, which is just 12 centimeters long, but is torn, shredded, stretched all the way to tear your ribs through all the layers fat, muscle, and your organs (which they will then place on a table next to your body, so you can continue cutting yourself to reach your child) , this is not a very pleasant moment . And I like to tell you that it was a radically different experience from what I imagined when I began to dream about the birth of my sons.

No, it was not easy. And today, it still is not.

Imagine: you use your ventral muscles for a whole lot of unsuspected things, you use them for almost all your movements, in fact. Even sitting down.

So, ask yourself for a moment what it is like to be unable to use them because they have been ripped off, torn by a surgeon, and not able to repair them for more than 6 weeks because it is something that the body is restoring very slowly?

If that happened to you, when the nurse would tell you to get out of bed and suddenly the wrenching pain of a body that was cut, abused and patched through the smallest of your bones and came to transform any of your nerve cells in molten lava, so you might understand that it is a supreme irony to say that cesarean section represents “the easy way”, a kind of cheating to avoid the pain of a “normal” birth. Go fuck yourself and your ignorance.

I am a strong woman. Not only for myself, but for my beloved son. And yet, I tell you that I would be able to suffer all this suffering for every day that I have to live, just to be sure of knowing it in life, to have the pleasure of contemplating the most beautiful smile on his face.

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