Tips to eliminate parasites from your body in a natural way

Having parasites can be scary, but you are not alone; they are much more common than you think. Contrary to what many believe, they do not exist only in underdeveloped countries. As you will see, parasites can cause a myriad of symptoms.

The worst is that it is very difficult to diagnose them. Indeed, these tiny creatures cause symptoms that are generally confused with other causes, namely anxiety, fatigue or excess appetite. Parasites are for the most part closely linked to certain neuronal diseases, so it is essential for us to know them well in order to be able to apprehend them and then eradicate them effectively and quickly.

What are the symptoms caused by parasites? What are the foods and natural remedies that help us eliminate them?

The most recurrent symptoms

  • The puffy eyes.
  • A state of anxiety and nervousness.
  • Tingling on the tip of the nose, in the eyes or in the anal area.
  • Eating disorder, either a lack of appetite or an excess of appetite.
  • Insomnia.
  • Severe headaches
  • Digestive disorders (constipation or diarrhea).
  • Dilated pupils.

Other diseases namely autism, Alzheimer’s or epilepsy may be related to their presence.

What to eat to fight against pests?

To combat them, we must follow a drastic diet because they feed on certain foods. This is the reason why they must be avoided completely:

  • All foods that contain sugar
  • All that is made of milk
  • The alcohol

In addition to the foods mentioned above, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of refined carbohydrates, namely white rice, pasta, bread, etc.


This food is known for its medicinal properties. Indeed, garlic acts as a natural antibiotic. It is also very effective against pests. The only downside is its smell, which is not pleasant. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are among the most effective foods against bacteria. For a total elimination, the best is to eat them raw without grilling them.

They can be prepared as a drink. For the preparation, 50 g of pumpkin seeds (crushed), mixed with 250 cl of water, are required. Soften the drink with a little stevia.

Oregano essential oil

This oily substance is the beast of parasites. It is important to specify that we want the one that is administered orally, and this, to avoid intoxication. How to use it ? Two small drops a day are largely sufficient.

The pro-biotics

The parasites that lodge in the intestines disturb the intestinal flora. This causes a proliferation that leads in turn to an imbalance in the intestines. The only cure is pro-biotics. These eliminate parasites and rebalance the intestinal flora. Where to find them ? We can find them at herbalists or pharmacy. They must be taken in cure daily.

Thyme and chamomile

Infusions are known to be less effective than plant extracts, but those with thyme and chamomile remain exceptional. A liter of infusion of thyme and chamomile is perfect for daily consumption.

Grapefruit seed extract

Rich in Vitamin C, Grapefruit Seed Extract is available from herbalists. It is recognized scientifically for its ability to eliminate or reduce a considerable number of potentially harmful bacteria namely fungi, viruses …

For consumption, follow the instructions on the product.

Papaya seeds

Just as effective, papaya seeds are full of benefits. Their use is simple, just prepare a papaya juice, add seeds and water. The ideal is to take each morning.

Homemade syrup:


  • 100 g pumpkin pulp
  • 500 g of garlic powder
  • 500 g of honey


First, boil the pumpkin in two liters of water until its size is reduced by half. Then add the garlic powder. Let it sit for a maximum of two hours. Then add the honey. The syrup is ready, it remains only to filter it.

Two tablespoons each morning are more than enough to stay healthy.

What we advise you.

  • For those who have pets at home, the best is to de-worm them as much as possible. Animals can transmit us parasites just with a simple touch.
  • If a family member is infected with a parasite, the contamination spreads quickly with other members. In this case, the whole family must be treated to eliminate these parasites.

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