If you have a cold, cut an onion in half and put it on your bedside table when you go to bed. Of course, at the moment, it feels a bit strong (but you have a stuffy nose and, even if you do not, you will soon not feel it). Thanks to the spreading onion essences, you will be able to sleep well, your nose will be out, and, with a little luck, your cold will pass during the night!

4. An important fever: feet in the bunion!

The onion is a great way to lower the fever (which, if it is useful for hunting germs, can become boring when it rises a little too!). He was a friend of Rebelle-Santé’s first friend, Henry, of Cannes, who sent me this remedy 15 years ago, confirmed since by many people who have tried it: “Dussé-I pass for the service wizard or an old dotter, I can not resist the pleasure of making you know a Provencal grandmother’s recipe (one more …).

In case of high fever in a child (10 months / 6.7 years), finely chop three or four large regular or white onions and make a rich patch around the child’s feet, the plaster kept in a cloth to inside a plastic bag. Obviously, the fragrance that emerges this preparation remembers only far enough Chanel No 5, Jolie Madame or L’Air du Temps … But, for having done this “manipulation” on my own children, I have each time noticed a decrease spectacular temperature in less than two hours. “

You can also put a raw onion on your stomach, it is also effective, although perhaps a little slower.

5. In cough syrup

Slice very thinly 100 g of onions and boil in 20 cl of water for ten minutes. Filter and add two tablespoons of honey. Put again on the heat and let it boil until you get a thick syrup. Take two to six teaspoons a day.

Or :

In a salad bowl, put a layer of large peeled onions cut in rounds, a layer of cane sugar, then start again with onions, sugar … Let macerate several hours, syrup syrup appears. Take three to four tablespoons in the day.

Or in decoction

Cut three or four onions into quarters. Boil them in half a liter of water for ten minutes, then filter. Drink this half-liter in the day, with small glasses


6. To calm the tinnitus

Soak a cotton of onion juice as you slide through your ear canal. This cotton soaked in onion juice can also be applied to sick and painful teeth.

7. In case of insect stings

Even if it’s not the season, note it for next summer: rub with an onion cut in half for a few minutes to relieve.

8. In case of migraine

Obviously, we only do it when we have it on hand, because it makes you cry and it smells strong! But it’s effective: chop some raw onion and apply it on your forehead.

9. In cases of anemia, fatigue, bronchitis, intestinal fermentations, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, gout and even diabetes, test the onion cure

Here is the recipe: boil 1 liter of water, pour it on four large onions cut in pieces, leave to rest for three to four hours, go and drink this liter during the day. We can follow this cure for fifteen to thirty days. It must be done the day before.

10. In case of constipation

Cook in a liter of water a large onion for ten minutes. Remove from heat and add a tablespoon of honey and the juice of a ripe lemon. Drink the contents of the bottle before your breakfast for a radical effect. It takes a bit of courage when you’re not used to it, but why not … Drinking so much in the morning is a great way to fight not only against constipation, but also against high blood pressure.

11. To digest

When you are upset after a big meal, cook a big sliced ​​onion in half a liter of water with a lid on the pan. Go to the grinder and drink everything. In the next three to four hours everything goes back to normal.

12. In case of whitlow

Place an onion in a saucepan with a little water and chill without boiling. Remove the onion from the water, open it in half and let it cool slightly. Put your finger inside the onion. Wait ten minutes, then disinfect. Repeat twice a day, morning and evening until the paronychia has matured and is pierced.

13. To remove warts

Dig an onion and fill it with coarse salt: rub your warts morning and evening with the liquid that flows from the onion.

14. Against the flu

At the first signs (fatigue, stiffness, fever …), prepare your onion maceration: soak two onions cut in small pieces in half a liter of water for two or three hours (or overnight) and filter. Have a drink after lunch or dinner and another at bedtime. The onion contains a powerful essential oil that is both antiviral and antiseptic.

15. In case of otitis

Make mashed raw onions and apply as poultices around your ear, renewing every three hours for a decongestant effect.