Tips and tricks to fight against aphids

I had aphids in my plants (many) I was told to put water mixed with olive oil, which I did and … it worked, plus a single aphid, in + this has nourished my plants! Try !


I tested the dissolution of a tablespoon of black soap in a liter of water to renew every 15 days and this year I was not invaded like the previous years


To prevent ants from climbing on your fruit trees and starting to grow aphids, you can take sticky fly catcheries (you know those sticky vines that hang on the ceiling of the Baygon brand. General) and you pin them on the trunk by putting on gloves, they will stick to it and will not invade your trees anymore.

Dany Wall

A few straws of Marseille soap in your sprayer and daily spray without riskguaranteed effect and no pollution.

Alain de Toulouse

To eradicate the invasion of aphids in my garden without harming other insects (bees, butterflies …) I use a decoction of rhubarb leaves. Cut 500g of rhubarb leaves into strips, macerate in 5l of cold water for 24 hours. Then boil all 30 ‘cool and filter the liquid. Keep in bottles with black. This liquid contains an acid that paralyzes aphids and kills them. Much more effective than most chemicals.


My thing is against aphids, you have to recover some cigarette ash and put it in boiling water, let cool then spray


Against aphids of roses plant savory and they will disappear forever.


For aphids and all other harmful insects, macerate 50 g of tobacco in 1 liter of water, for 15 days, filter everything and dilute 1 in 10 (here, 10 liters of water). ATTENTION, if you do not respect the rule of dissolution (ex: 2/10), you will obtain a powerful and organic anti-grass (of + in + strong according to which you do not respect the dissolution). Validity period: 2 months

Robert SOVET

Against aphids put some rhubarb leaves in a boiler of water leave a few days (3 or 4) and spray on the affected plants.


To avoid having aphids in tomatoes, or any other vegetables or even flowers, you sow nasturtium seeds. These attract aphids and your vegetables or flowers will be preserved.

Nadine (Nantes)

If you are out of aphids products, plant matches (2/3) in your flower pots, the red tip in the ground. The suffering that emerges will rid you of it.


To quickly remove aphids without chemicals, spray with water to which you have added a few drops of detergent. It’s very efficient and economical!

Kevin Theodore

Spray soapy water on aphids (guaranteed!)


Against aphids and whiteflies, a decoction of cold tomato leaves to which I add a tablespoon of alcohol and a liquid soap.


Tips and tricks to fight against aphids

Start by pinching the young shoot full of aphids and burn it.

Do not throw away the size of the tomato plants. Let macerate 48H in water and recover this water is a natural anti aphid

Against aphids (organic), as already described, macerate cigarette butts several months, a little before the appearance or the beginning of their arrival, filter and squeeze the butts to keep only the juice, put in the sprayer, add 3 tablespoons of turpentine (no white spirit), add 1 glass of olive oil, mix vigorously and spray double-sided, shaking the sprayer often, effective 3 months if it does not rain too much.


I macerate cigar butts (preferably Havana!) And I recover a very concentrated juice that I spray on the affected stems.

Henri Appert

To get rid of aphids, white flies etc ……. , I macerate in rainwater, nettles, and, for 15 days, I filter, and I spray on plants and flowers, vegetables, but because there is a but, we must repeat the operation every 15 days, especially in hot weather.

Louis hull

To eliminate aphids in your garden, boil rhubarb leaves (as if they were spinach) then sieve wait for the water to cool transfer to a watering can and water your garden

Against aphids sift wood ash and powder plants.

Marc Geradon

To avoid having aphids on your scented flowering plants, you should put a clove of garlic or onion in the ground next to each flower plan.


Macerate garlic (count 6 pods per liter) two days in a bottle of water. Dilute with water, add 3 drops of dishwashing liquid (to de-waterproof the aphids). Spray affected plants (repeat 2 days later)


To remove aphids, add a little vinegar to your water spray. Just like grated Marseille soap, these little tricks are natural and infallible. I tested !


Coffee grounds will keep aphids away from your roses.


For rose pest (aphids), spread coffee grounds at the base of the plant. It’s very effective.

To prevent aphids from drastically cutting your plant, wrap the main stem with newspaper until the first leaves. Plant.


Mix in a spray bottle water and Marseille soap. Pass this mixture on the leaves above and below (roses, beans).

Use blond tobacco (buy it in bulk in supermarkets) let macerate 2 to 3 hours in a bucket of water (count 1 bag of tobacco for the seal) then spray!

Laetitia (brussels)

Use nettle manure for aphids.

By combining marigolds with your plants, you keep away aphids.

Spray talc or wood ash.

Try the larvae of ladybugs and it will be fun for your children.


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