Tip to unclutter your toilet without calling a Plumber!

It is time to call a plumber to solve this disaster and ruin us at the same time because its hourly rate varies between 30 euros and 40 euros. And so why not think of a resourceful and less expensive alternative without the intervention of a plumber.

In addition, to unclog your toilet and to get rid of this nauseating smell, we suggest here some techniques.

Tip to unclutter your toilet without calling a Plumber:

1) The Spanish broom : at first, it is used to clean the floors. But it can be used to unclog the toilet. However, you must first protect the broom head in a plastic bag so as not to damage it. This technique reproduces the mechanism of the suction cup.

2) the suction cup : the most classic technique to solve this kind of problem, it is sold in major DIY stores. This flexible piece is effective is to place the suction cup at the bottom of the bowl so that the air does not pass through the hole, make movements up and down until the waste is released and the cap will be dispersed, then empty the bowl and do not forget to flush the hunt.

3) Tip to open your toilet, handmade ferret : count about 6 euros to buy this metal rod that acts effectively on large caps. This technique consists in inserting the hook in the stopper, decluttering and turning the crank until the stopper is ejected.

4) System D : If you do not have a suction cup, do not panic especially. A plastic bottle can do just cut it down, then hold it by the neck and make movements up and down.

Other methods to unclog the toilet

Water with dishwashing liquid, a deformed metal coat hanger, a vacuum cleaner designed to draw water, or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, are all other solutions to unclog the toilet bowl. Most of these methods are used to successfully extract an object obstructing the proper evacuation of water. The metal hanger technique naturally requires a lot more maneuverability than a vacuum cleaner. All of these methods avoid the use of commercially available chemicals. Whichever method you choose, do not forget to protect the floor, the bowl and your hands. Also make sure the cap of your toilet has been removed before flushing the toilet several times, otherwise the toilet will overflow.

And now you have no more excuse to call a plumber because as they say “the first time it’s a mistake, the second is that it’s done on purpose”.

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