Tip to clean your washing machine with natural products

Often, we find ourselves with perfectly washed and very clean clothes and odd smells that stick for days and days, emanating from the washing machine! You may not know it but a washing machine also needs be washed constantly so you do not end up with funny smells on your clothes well washed.

It is not that complicated to clean your washing machine, especially since it does not stop serving you by removing dirt from your clothes. Removing dirt from the bowels of your washing machine is the least you can do if you really want to take advantage of this service.

To do this, it is imperative to use a genius trick whose ingredients will be white vinegar and coarse salt, the natural product that will wash your washing machine and make it new so that it makes your clothes even cleaner and free from bad and strange smells.

The procedure to clean your washing machine is simple: put this salt and white vinegar inside the machine and make it walk in the vacuum, this is the effective way to wash it from the inside to not suffer anymore unpleasant odors it tends to leave on your clothes because of a lack of permanent maintenance.

You can use a half-load wash and add cold water inside your washing machine to speed up the process properly.

Here, in fact, how to clean your washing machine to eliminate smelly odors!

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Some good habits to take

Before loading the drum of your washing machine, check that you have not forgotten anything in the pockets of your trousers, jackets, sweaters … Small objects or tissue paper, everything must be removed!

Remember to check regularly that nothing has got stuck between the drum and the door. In which case, remove all disruptive elements.

It is also important to respect the dosages well. Overdosing will not wash your clothes better; it will only make your machine more dirty.

Leave the door of your machine open after each wash. Otherwise, moisture may cause mold. This will also prevent unpleasant odors and premature wear on the seals of your washing machine. Indeed, the joints must dry properly to not degrade.

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