Time takes pain with him

We often have the impression that our wounds, including those of our souls, will never heal. But the only thing we need to heal is time. They will stay, but they will not hurt you anymore.

No matter how badly you have been hurt, how much you have suffered. But in the end, time takes pain with him.

The sentences that refer to the space we need to turn an injury into a scar are very numerous. It is an injury that will mark us forever, but that will never make us feel anything again.

We tend to look for the solution here and now. We want an effective remedy with which we could skip a stage of mourning or a period of suffering.

But it does not work that way, let alone when our feelings and emotions are involved.

It is necessary to leave time to time.

Time and considering a new perspective

Our emotions fog up our sight and make us blind. That’s why when we are spectators of a situation, there are many things we do not understand.

Think, for example, of those abused people who come back with their spouses and who even justify their bad actions against them.

You, as a person who sees what is going on, do not understand why she does not complain and does nothing. Why does not she ask for help? And yet, perhaps in his situation, you would have acted in the same way.

The abused person has opposite feelings and is the victim of constant manipulation. Her lack of self-esteem and emotions lead her to not know how to make decisions.

Why does she tend to justify her attacker? Simply because her emotions made her blind. It is not the same thing to see a situation from a specific perspective as to live it in one’s own flesh.

That’s why when adversity comes into our lives, it’s important to give them time. By taking a step back and giving them a little time, we will be able to analyze them better.

When you are in an extreme situation, you are unable to act or speak as you would like? It’s because your emotions control you.

What hurts today will stop hurting you tomorrow

Even if your life has been difficult in the past, today you are a new person.

Even if you have gone through a maltreatment experience, if you have been unemployed for a long time, or if someone you love has left you, you are not living all that as before.

Our emotions do not persist in time. We are not sad for a whole year, and we can not spend a whole day completely happy.

It’s because emotions fluctuate and change. What happens when an emotion continues? We may be dealing with a case of depression or disorder that will need to be controlled.

Maybe your spouse has been unfaithful to you and it hurt you a lot. You spent a long time in which you did not trust anyone, but it was not eternal. Finally, you have overcome it.

What today hurts you will stop hurting you tomorrow, or the day after, or next month. We are different and we all need a longer or shorter period to heal our wounds.

Everything has its share of positive

Even if you think of the most terrible situations you have experienced, there is a positive lesson to be learned.

  • The first is undoubtedly the fact of being able to learn. If you stumble on the same stone each time, it is as you wish. If you can not solve the problem, you’ll at least know how to deal with it.
  • The second is that you come out reinforced. Any problem or adversity will always make you stronger, more courageous.
  • The third is that you know yourself better. What happens to us puts us to the test and helps us to find out how we deal with unusual circumstances and situations.

The pain does not make you more fragile, but stronger. It’s something you only feel, and with time, goes away.

When you look behind you, you will not feel the same and maybe even think: “I was stupid to do that, I should have done it differently. “

However, if you had not gone through this moment, you would never have thought of that and you would never have changed your way of thinking about the situation.

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