Those who constantly tease their friends are actually the best friends in the world

They are like a tribe with their own customs, their references, their common history, their past adventures, their memories of setbacks and galleys … Based on greasy and rocky humor, salacious reflections, it is room, it bawls , it insults, it is nicknamed with little names not very shiny, it speaks of ass 90% of the time, it transpires a class assumed; a class of “guy”!

No worries, it’s NORMAL, it’s all emotional. It’s just the natural way to behave between “tough guys”!

At the same time, when we have been feeding at South Park, American Pie, B2O-BA, Sum 41, The Hard Newspaper, Call of Duty or YouPorn (and so on), you know that in the years to come, you and your Australopithecan friends, you will be deceiving about the same delusions.

Just gather the tribe in front of a football match with apĂ©ro and binouzes … and a small PS4 with the last FIFA, for the third half, and the magic “testosteronesque” will take in a few moments!

Between best friends, the “real truths”, “between couillus” as we say familiarly, we are able to say hurtful things, we attack head on our honor and our pride, we can even come nicely to hands (in a little academic style of Celtic-Gallic struggle) … but we know that in any case, things will be flattened afterwards (if there is discomfort) and that we will never do ” mouth (you will notice that this familiar term of girls is task here) for words that have gone a little too far.

Most of the time, but solidarity and fraternity first and foremost. As Maximus Decimus would say in Ridley Scott’s movie Gladiator: “Strength and Honor”!

The ironic thing about all this is that we are often unpleasant, rude and naughty with best friends but rarely with people we do not know, or even that we do not appreciate.

Seeing this in a realistic way: we insult each other because precisely, when we feel at ease with a person we know well and for a long time, we do not feel the need to feign compassion, to go four ways or to walk on eggs. We balance, adding, then we see the reaction.

You know they will not be offended by your honesty (sometimes brutal). To a certain extent, you know they will appreciate. It will be authentic, sometimes clumsy, but never malicious.

If you are constantly preoccupied with offending your friends, you yourself will never be ready to lower your guard with them. This will distort the situation.

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It’s one thing to put a barrier “adapted” to your environment, to impose “limits”, whether with your family, with your girlfriend, at your work or in your place of study … But when you are with your gang of friends, it is absurd to be afraid of hurting them or going beyond the limits of what is politically correct.

The masculine ego is a very strange and mysterious thing.

This relationship with your mates is one of the most important things to put a barrier, a repressive one to your “male” ego. In teasing and gauging, we test each other, we help each other not to become too pretentious and serious.

A fortiori, playing on the defects of the other, it shows that we are aware of ours (which can be similar), and that we pay some attention (by humor). One will never attack a friend on facts and personal questions. True friends understand that there is a limit to not crossing.

You know how close you are to a friend when you feel and see the fluidity and ease of a conversation that would appear with most other people uncomfortable and embarrassing.

What makes the best of “buddy-buddy” relationships is this (natural) ability to laugh at others, but also (and above all) to laugh at oneself … obviously with these common references that accompany them!

Source Those who constantly tease their friends are actually the best friends in the world: EliteDaily

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