This young woman did not use shampoo for 6 months.

Who said we had to use shampoo or wash our hair every day to have a nice hair? No one. This is a good reason to test the No Poo method and see if it can be as effective or better than shampoo! In any case, it is the experiment that this young woman tried and which lasted nearly 6 months. And the results are more than amazing!

This young woman did not use shampoo for 6 months:

I started my experiment, washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar for a month. The experience was short but full of promise. So I decided to extend the adventure over the next 5 months. It’s been six months since I stopped using shampoo.

It all started when my editor asked me to replace my shampoo with baking soda and vinegar during the month of January. I accepted reluctantly. Six months later, this experience allowed me to learn a great lesson, I did not go back.

This method has been a revelation and I can talk about it for a long time. I quickly adopted this technique. I did not think for a moment that adaptation would be so fast.

The biggest obstacle for me was psychological. Imagine feeling the vinegar all day? But do not worry. The smell dissipates fairly quickly after the shower.

This young woman did not use shampoo for 6 months: Another user of the method No Poo

I am surprised by the first results: my hair is immediately less oily and I do not need to wash them often. I spend it in the shower every 4 to 5 days on average. I have a sensation of purity in the hairy hair, my hair is softer, shinier and less frizzy than before. My rebellious wicks have disappeared.

I can now have natural curls just by applying coconut oil on my wet hair.

During the 6 months of experience, I used the classic shampoo twice. It was when traveling in Latin America. I decided it was better not to travel with a white powder in my luggage ….

The return to this care that I knew well marked a big difference: my hair was drier and curly. They became fat again after 2 days and my scalp was again as before the experiment.

If I tried a few times to reuse my usual shampoo, I bit each time bitten my fingers so my hair became dry and brittle again. From now on, I will not be reprimanded anymore … I prefer to keep my ‘natural shampoo’ with baking soda and cider vinegar and save hundreds of euros a year that I continue to ruin my bank account and my hair with truffle products harmful ingredients. “

This experience also marks my commitment to a life without waste. In six months, I used a box of baking soda and a half bottle of cider vinegar. I also did the economy of several bottles of shampoos and after shampoos.

If you want to revolutionize the way you take care of your hair, why not start today? You will be pleasantly surprised by the result!

Here is my recipe: 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 500 ml of warm water. `

After moistening your hair, pour the mixture on it, rubbing it. Then rinse.

In the same container, pour two tablespoons of cider vinegar for 500 ml of water.

Pour this mixture on your hair, then rinse immediately. (

These measurements are for long hair. If your hair is short or medium, use a tablespoon of baking soda and vinegar for the same amount of warm water).

If your hair does not look clean enough when dried, use a little more baking soda next time.

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