This test of the man in the rain will determine your personality

We propose today to discover what can reveal your way of drawing with this test of the man in the rain, thanks to which one can analyze your resistance to the pressure and to the frustration, the mechanisms of defense and your level of anxiety .

The test is to draw a character in the rain and tell his story, and we will seek information about your personality through the image of this man in unpleasant conditions.

Here are some data that can be interpreted from your drawing:

  • Orientation of the drawing:
  • To the right of the sheet: indicates the desire to develop professionally, and a confidence in the future.
  • To the left : denotes a certain pessimism, an element of the past hinders your fulfillment.
  • Central : means that you are competitive.
  • Umbrella :
  • Absence of umbrella : a sign of a lack of resources to face difficult situations.
  • Big umbrella : a big umbrella that covers the guy denotes an excess of self-defense and a need for protection, or isolation.
  • Handle umbrella very marked : need to cling to something, even without knowing if it will be useful.
  • Orientation of the man:
  • From the front : ability to face the world.
  • In profile : desire to escape.
  • From behind : need to go unnoticed.
  • Size of the drawing:
  • Small : shyness, insecurity, feelings of inferiority, low self-esteem.
  • Great : need recognition, to show oneself.
  • Order in which you drew the elements: you are expected to start with the head and finish with the rain. But…
  • Starting with the feet may indicate that you are taking the wrong way to solve problems.
  • Starting with the umbrella may indicate excessive self-defense.
  • Movement of the man :
  • Rigidity may indicate that you are trying to protect yourself from the world and difficulties in adapting yourself.
  • Walking : If you draw a man walking, you may think that you know where you are going in life.

This test is generally carried out with the help of a professional , because the whole process must be evaluated and the interpretations vary according to the individuals; every experience is unique.

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