This personality test will reveal a lot about you in 4 questions

The Myers-Briggs test was created during the Second World War to help women find work and replace their husbands who had gone to war. According to their answers to a series of questions, they received a brief description of their personality, since this test, they could find the job best suited to their qualities and abilities.

Nowadays, some Western companies also use this test to select potential candidates to fill vacant positions.

Here is a simplified and shorter version of this test. Only four questions with two possible answers for each, and voila! Here we find a combination of letters that will reveal your personality type: go!

1. You are completely exhausted, the week has been long and dangerous. How are you going to spend the weekend?

  • I call my friends to find out what they have planned. I have heard that they have opened a new restaurant / that there is an amazing movie just out at the movies / there are discounts at the paintball club. We must go out together. – E
  • I put my phone in “Airplane / Do not disturb” mode and I stay quiet at home. I start watching a new episode of my favorite series, I relax, I sit in my bath all foamy with a good book. – I

2. Which of these two sentences below is most like you?

  • The most important thing for me is what is happening here and now. I always base myself on the real situation of things, while paying attention to details. – S
  • The daily can be boring. I like to dream and invent scenarios and lots of future events … I prefer to follow my intuition and let myself lead a free life. – N

3. A competing company wants to hire you. You have great doubts: they offer you a much better salary, but here you are surrounded by an excellent team and in addition, the head of the service makes you understand that he would speak soon to you in the Directorate for a better job. How do you make your decision?

  • I will study all the information I find on the competing company, I will consult a friend specialized in human resources, I will create a table with one side benefits and the other disadvantages. In these cases, it is very important to evaluate everything and think very seriously. – T
  • I will listen to my own feelings and emotions. I always try to follow what my heart tells me. – F

4. There are two weeks left until two very close friends are married. How are the last preparations?

  • A month ago I chose the saxophonist who will perform a medley of songs from our school / I have prepared a presentation with photos of the couple since their first meeting / I composed a poem / ironed the costume / taken a appointment to get makeup and hair. I prefer to be prepared for the occasion. – J
  • Why prepare? I will have fun and enjoy the party and improvise a speech, words from the heart. All the best things are done spontaneously. – P

And now, look for your personality type, according to Myers-Briggs!

ESTJ: Gera

Practical and consistent, you love when everything is in order, when everything is planned and organized. Most importantly, you love to convince others that you are right and to get people to share your own point of view. You have a sober look at life and trust in others, and you especially believe that life is a lifelong learning.

You are open to communication and want to meet new people, create new relationships. You do not forget to take care of your loved ones and you know how to show your love.

11% of men, 6% of women


For you, life is a fight and a risk. This is how you know each other and see others. You are bold and brave, you are easily inspired when it comes to starting something new. At the same time, you correctly evaluate your abilities, both your strengths and your weaknesses.

You feel the trends very well, you are open to new ideas. You think positive. You like sports and everything related to it.

3% men, 1% women


You get along very well with other people, you are attentive and careful, always ready to help, even if you have to sacrifice your own interests for the good of the other.

You are very autonomous in your life and, in general, you realize all your challenges without help. You only expect emotional support from your loved ones.

17% of women, 8% of men


“The most important thing is not to win but to participate” is your motto. You are looking to reach your goals at all costs, even if you have to use physical force. You follow a plan of action to the letter, you hate the compromises or you are asked for help.

You are a born, agile fighter, always on the lookout, able to objectively evaluate even the most stressful situations and give a quick and accurate answer.

6% men, 3% women


Emotional, eloquent, with facial expressions and obvious gestures. You understand and feel the emotions of others, capturing the lack of sincerity. In love, you are suspicious and jealous.

You have the ability to anticipate an event.

3% women, 2% men


You are a generator of ideas constantly creating something new. You adapt quickly to unusual conditions, easily mastering different ways of working.

Often, because of your lack of attachment to tradition and routine, you change your professional and recreational field, making you an innovator and pioneer in all areas. And most importantly, you can not only create an idea, but also share your essence with others, make decisions and bring your projects to life.

4% of men, 2% of women


With great mastery, you determine the abilities of others and you often use them for manipulative purposes. When dealing with people, you are mainly guided by your own interest. However, you are always trying to make a good impression and bring out the image of an exceptional person.

You have a fixed mind in the present moment, you do not like to waste your time, you expect quick results, you do not tolerate bureaucracy or be stifled in paperwork.

10% of women, 7% of men


Energetic and curious, you are a very creative person. You combine the characteristics of an extrovert and introvert at a time, you are not only able to get along well with others, but you also have the ability to feel their feelings. You are able to identify with others and give them good advice.

You perceive life in all its diversity of possibilities, you have a well developed imagination and a high level of intelligence. You are a harmonious person, able to maintain balance even when there are constant changes in the circumstances around you.

10% of women, 6% of men


You are a lyrical and dreamy character, who gives priority to your inner harmony, to the acceptance of oneself. Most of your thoughts, you interiorize them, while analyzing your joy and your sorrows. You are also able to intuitively predict events and understand those around you.

You like to dress, you try to look good in all circumstances. You are not a person who always tries to minimize the expense. Frequently, you lose the sense of time and reality that is happening.

5% women, 4% men


You know how to find joy in simple things, you tolerate routine and monotony. You like to feel useful and that’s why you always help others without ever violating their personal space. You do not tolerate conflict situations, you are able to make people laugh and entertain.

You are down to earth, practical, caring, affectionate, a trustworthy person, a faithful companion. You accept the world as it is, you do not try to lead others and manipulate them.

10% of women, 8% of men


Scholar and philosopher, you do not like strong feelings, you prefer a balanced and comforting emotional background. You are careful in making decisions, you like to analyze and look for links between past, present and future.

You are very receptive to change and it is difficult for you to tolerate it. You constantly try to gather all the data, thoughts and ideas that you perceive, so often you are in tension.

5% men, 2% women


You perceive people and their relationships very well. You easily determine the mood of others and their hidden talents. They often come to you for advice but you are easily vulnerable and have trouble tolerating aggression and lack of love.

Your driving force, intuition, is not directed outward, but inwardly. People like you do not stop learning throughout their lives, considering self development as one of their top priorities. By knowing yourself, you help others.

2% women, 1% men


Your inner world is very rich, in general, it allows you to conceive ideas out of the ordinary. You are looking for perfection, you want to improve everything and everyone.

However, in dealing with people, you have difficulties and you deliberately move away from others to demonstrate your independence. You are able to prioritize and trust your intuition.

3% men, 1% women


You do not tolerate lies and drama in a relationship, you divide people between “yours” and “strangers” that you keep at bay. For those whom you consider to be “yours”, you are ready to give without ever asking anything in return.

You are decisive and measure your words and actions. Nice and careful, your most important goal and help others by making them happier.

19% of women, 8% of men


As a general rule, you have a technical mind and you like to work with your hands. Do not rush into making decisions. It is best to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking. However, you always measure deadlines and you are punctual by nature.

You know the world through sensations, your vision of what is happening is very objective and concrete. By nature, you are willing to deal with other people, however, you refuse to communicate as soon as you feel a lack of sincerity.

9% of men, 2% of women


Thoughtful, deep and responsible. You inspire confidence, but you have trouble giving your own, you analyze every piece of information you give before you believe it. You are not interested in a discussions without great interest, you prefer business contacts only during the work period. You like to focus on the end result.

You like rigor, order, you can often be pedantic. However, you are down to earth, you are always “here, ready, here and now”.

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