This modern prefab house assembles in just 5 hours

Thanks to technology, architecture is evolving faster and faster. To best meet the demands of consumers and the environment, companies are developing prefabricated homes that can be built in a matter of days or even hours.

And today we present you this prefabricated house built by studio [baragaño] located in Valdés, Spain, and took only 5 hours to be assembled.

After four months of project completion and set up this modern house, it was delivered to the small town of Asturias, northwest of Madrid. Here she was assembled in just a few hours. As Freshome reports, Maison Montaña is a stylistic mix between a traditional house and the granaries of the region.

This small house has two levels, the friendly spaces are located on the ground floor and all bedrooms are on the second floor. The interior is simple, elegant and comfortable, with a wooden floor and black and white wall finishes. Lightweight polycarbonate panels allow natural light to enter spaces and add more warmth and brightness.

A centerpiece of design is a metal staircase around which spaces are organized. There is even a fireplace hanging from the living room ceiling. Finally, the architects decorated the Montaña house with a traditional slate roof, made by a local craftsman.

With a beautiful interior design:

“The metal staircase is the central element of the housing, it creates the layout and dialogue with the fireplace hanging in the living room,” explain the architects. “The upper floor contains two rooms, separated by a light polycarbonate wall that sifts the light.”

According to Inhabitat, the cottage was purchased and assembled by an English landscaper and his family.

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