This man created a clay refrigerator operating without electricity

The Mitti Cool Refrigerator (mitti means ground in Hindi) uses the natural evaporation of water to work, the water coming from the evaporation flows on the side of the device to evacuate the heat. An area above the fridge retrieves water to store it, which allows you to recover it via a small tap and have easy drinking water.

Mansukh Prajapati is a potter who knew how to use his knowledge to create a successful company: Mitti Cool. This company sells pottery but also various utensils such as stoves, pans or kitchen sets. One of the items available may be a revolution in India: the clay refrigerator.

An idea that was born, according to Mansukh Prajapati, after the Gujarat earthquake in 2001 (7.5 on the Richter scale). It was while contemplating the ruins of his old factory of traditional jars that the idea of ​​a refrigerator working without electricity came to him. He decides to use the raw material that he has always worked since his beginnings: clay.

In 2005, the Mitti Cool Refrigerator (the clay refrigerator) is finally marketed after the development of several prototypes. In India, the temperature sometimes reaches 50 ° depending on the region, and this traditional refrigerator can maintain a temperature of 15 to 20 ° less than outside. The principle of evaporation is here: the evaporated water condenses and then flows on the sides of the unit in order to evacuate the heat. The “start-up” is simple since it is only a matter of filling a small tank storing fresh water.

The inventor, Mansukh Prajapati, potter of his state had the idea to design his refrigerator following the devastating earthquake of 2001, the village of Prajapati and its surroundings. It is while browsing the local newspaper that he notices the legend of a photo: “This man has lost his refrigerator. The picture showed a broken earthen jar, a container commonly used by locals to search for water and keep it cool.

500 million Indians do not have access to electricity and do not have refrigerators to keep the dairy products, fruits and vegetables that make up the bulk of their diet.

Mansukh Prajapati decided to build a similar-looking clay refrigerator in the modern refrigerator and offering the same services. After many prototypes and several months of experimentation, he managed to propose a reliable model that he sold first to the inhabitants of his village. The Mitti cool Refrigerator can lower the temperature by around 8 degrees Celsius. The upper part of the refrigerator can store about 20 liters of water, while the lower part of the cabinet has a separate space for storing fruits, vegetables and milk. Natural cooling inside the refrigerator keeps fresh fruits and vegetables for about 5 days, while milk can be stored for 3 days. This ecological refrigerator has the advantage of not being very expensive between 60 and 80 euros at the most. Designed on the principle of evaporation, it has two large water tanks at the top and bottom that cool the sides. It can be built in different dimensions, according to the needs of each client. And the device is 100% recyclable!

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