This man built a beautiful little house in the forest for a very reasonable sum

Houses made with containers (tiny house) are more and more built in recent years and it’s around the world.It’s easy to understand why real estate is expensive, the credit you contract often lasts a long time. more containers are easy to buy, are not expensive at all, and are very robust.

For people knowing how to tinker it is a house they can build because it is not too complicated to equip and isolate them so that you can live there with all the necessary comfort!

The man who built this house is Joseph Dubois, a 29-year-old Canadian who made the decision to invest in 3 containers to make his home inside. And the least we can say is that it is rather a great success that makes you want!

He says he spent almost nothing to build it. What is most important to him is his telephone subscription!

Beautiful little house

Containers provide an effective and inexpensive way to stay warm during harsh Canadian winters.

Contrary to what one might think, it is actually simple to isolate and there is almost no heat loss! And it is natural that this nice house allows joseph to be installed comfortably, protected from the elements, in the forest in which he has taken up residence.

These three containers bought in Asia, it cost 2200 euros (3,000 Canadian dollars) the unit, for a total surface of 30 m2 … Yes, that makes 200 euros (300 $) per square meter, with the purchase an unbeatable price …

For the field, it is a small plot that his family already owned, and which by chance was just perfect to be able to realize his project …

All that is electric is supplied by solar panels located a little further, and the house is self-sufficient, while allowing to have all the modern comforts …

Beautiful little house

And he is not ready to stop there: His next project? Add a new container to enlarge a little cute little house, with a glass ceiling, to make it his new room … This will allow him to sleep by contemplating the stars, the dream!

In the end, if we count all the materials and equipment used, it cost a little less than 14300 Euros ($ 20 000) for construction. When we see the price of real estate, it leaves dreamer …

And not only has it not cost him a lot to build, but it’s also very economical in terms of use, heating and electricity: The biggest bill he has to pay every month is that of his phone …

Beautiful little house

To adapt to the climate of Canada’s forests, Joseph has integrated a heating and cooling system and a very good insulation.

He now lives a happy life in his house nestled in the heart of the forest, and he explains that all the money he saves allows him to travel … it makes you dream, right?

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