This is why O blood group people are so special

It all depends on the presence or not of antigens, kinds of markers , A or B on the surface of red blood cells. Thus, red blood cells of blood group A possess antigens A, those of group B antigens B, those of group AB antigens A and B whereas those of group O do not contain antigens.

That’s for the O, now for the sign – it’s called the Rh factor . Again it depends if there is an antigen on the surface of the red blood cells but another than the A and B. it is the D! If anyone can tell us why we jumped the C, it would help us! Just a small detail Rhesus was the name of a macaque that was used to make the first serum to test the Rhesus groups.

When transfusing blood, you know that you have to be careful, because, let’s simplify, if you are for example B and you receive A, your body will feel aggrieved by the markers A and will reject the blood with catastrophic consequences.

This is the interest of people in O- group, they have virtually no distinctive sign on the surface of their red blood cells, so they are very sought-after universal donors.

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Group O is the primitive blood group of our ancestors who were offensive and cunning predators. Group O people occupy an important place in society.

If you are an O then nature has made you strong, productive, optimistic and you will live long in good health.

What makes you unique?

Because of their blood type they are predisposed to certain diseases, such as ulcers and thyroid dysfunction. Blood group O often has low levels of thyroid hormone and iodine. This leads to a tendency to obesity, water retention and fatigue.

They are also prone to ulcers because of a high level of acidity in the stomach.

In Japan, this blood group O is associated with a personality type. You could even get a job thanks to your group O! People with blood type O are most often described as responsible, engaged, organized, focused, and practical. They are born logisticians.

It is thought that this is because their ancestors are hunters who have had to observe and accurately assess the environment to be able to survive.

Stress can be caused by excessive anger and hyperactivity . Group O people are more vulnerable to destructive behavior when they are too tired, depressed or bored. It can be in the form of games of chance, the search for excitement, risk-taking and impulsiveness.

Avoid caffeine because it raises the adrenaline and norepinephrine levels, which are already high in O group people. Alcohol is also not recommended in their cases.

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Dear O group, you are special people! A breed of decision makers. However, avoid making big decisions or spending money when you’re under the stress of the week.

Physical exercise is important because it has a relaxing effect on the whole body. More than any other type of blood, blood type O needs to be physically active to maintain its health and emotional stability.

Physical exercise is ideally outdoors, 30 to 40 minutes, 4 times a week.

Avoid stressful situations by planning your activities in advance.

The majority is the A with 38% followed closely by 0 36%. O- represent 6% of the population.

The most wanted O negative group

People whose blood type is O negative are often called “universal donors” because they can give blood to people of all blood types. Their red blood cells do not have any antigen rejected by the different blood groups.

In the blood, there are naturally antibodies directed against antigens that the blood does not have. Therefore, someone who has a blood group A can not receive blood from a group B or AB.

Receiving O negative group donations is a priority. In addition, people in the O negative group can only receive blood from their own group.

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