This heartfelt message about stay-at-home mothers has been shared more than 400,000 times, but it’s not enough

Tired of always hearing the phrase “what are you doing all day? Ryshell Castleberry decided to write a homage to all housewives through Facebook. Her job soon became viral, and she was shared more than 400,000 times.

As incredible as it may seem, it’s not enough. This publication should be read by everyone to really appreciate all the sacrifices and efforts made by homemakers for their families.

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This heartfelt message about stay-at-home mothers has been shared more than 400,000 times, but it’s not enough:

My wife does not work My wife does not work !!! Conversation between a husband (M) and a psychologist (P): P: What are you doing in life, Mr Rogers? M: I’m an accountant in a bank … P: And your wife? M: She does not work. She is a housewife. P: Who prepares breakfast for your family? M: My wife, since she does not work. P: What time does your wife wake up in the morning? M: She wakes up early because things have to be organized. She prepares lunches for the children, she makes sure that they are well dressed and coiffés, that they ate, brushed their teeth and took all their school effects. She wakes up with the baby, changes her diaper and breastfeeds. P: How do your children go to school? M: My wife drives them to school, since she does not work. P: After driving the children to school, what does she do? M: She goes to the supermarket for groceries or runs errands for the house. Sometimes she forgets something and has to go all the way with the crying baby. Once back home, she must feed the baby and breastfeed, change the diaper and prepare for napping, clean the house and do the laundry. You know, since she does not work. P: In the evening, when you come back from the office, what are you doing? M: I’m resting, of course. I’m exhausted from my long day at the bank. P: What does your wife do in the evening? M: She prepares dinner, serves us food, washes dishes, cleans the house and walks the dog. After helping the children with their homework, she prepares them for bedtime and checks that they have brushed their teeth. Then she changes the baby’s diaper and breastfeeds again. When she is in bed, she wakes up regularly to breastfeed and change diapers as needed, since she does not have to get up to go to work. This is the daily routine of many women around the world. It starts at dawn and continues until the wee hours … and it’s called “do not work” ?! Being a stay-at-home mom may not require a degree, but it’s an indispensable family role! Appreciate your wife, your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your sister or your daughter … because their sacrifices are invaluable. Someone asked me … “Are you a working woman, or are you just a housewife? I answered: I am a woman who works at home, 24 hours a day … I am a mother, I am a woman, I am a girl, I am an alarm clock, I am the cook, I am the housekeeper, I am the hostess, I am the waitress, I am the nanny, I am a nurse, I am a manual worker, I am a safety officer, I am the counselor, I am the consoler, I do not have holidays, I work day and night, I’m always on duty, I’m not paid and … Even in this case, I often hear the phrase, “But what are you doing all day? In tribute to all women who dedicate their lives to the well-being of their families. To share with all the beautiful women in your life. Stay- at-home mothers : Ryshell Castleberry

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