This former military hunt poachers to defend African animals!

Fighting poaching on the African continent is not easy. Poachers do a great deal of damage to wildlife that is sometimes irreversible, but also because few people can do anything to combat this scourge. However, there are some who are fighting, and this is the case of Kinessa Johnson, a former soldier from the United States Army, she works with an organization called VETPAW, which connects veterans of the United States Army. the army with the rangers of African animal reserves, who are in great need of assistance and training.

In the company of other veterans, the young woman trains the rangers, teaches them to shoot, to hide, to patrol and to make reconnaissance.

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Here is a portrait of Kinessa Johnson.

She helps the rangers to hunt down and stop poachers.

After 4 years of military service, as a mechanic and weapons specialist, she has the necessary skills to give training.

“I often patrol with them, and help them get useful information and tips.”

“We never want to hurt anyone; we are here to train the rangers, so that they can hunt down and stop the poachers, in order to put an end to their activities. “

Just like the others, she is here thanks to the VETPAW organization (“Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife”).

“Most of the time, people who enter a nature reserve with a weapon are considered a potential threat, and can be shot if they shoot at the rangers.”

“Our goal is to prevent shots, learning strategic moves, and preventative techniques.” And she adds that she is not a “poacher hunter”, but a “teacher.”

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