This family has tackled everything to go around the world in a truck!

This trip originally planned for two years was extended for 3 years, imagined a long time ago, when the parents, David and Camille, were in college. After several years of savings and the birth of their two children, they decided to jump into the water!

You read that this is a fire truck:

The small family bought a converted truck from another family of travelers who had just completed their world tour.

The already customized vehicle offers a living space of 10m2 with toilet and shower on board: Full autonomy.

The preparations

Many preparations were necessary before the departure … we do not leave for more than three years on a whim!

The couple had already saved for several years, and having no credit or money blocked on an account, they were able to fully finance their trip.

Before the big departure, the whole family had to go before a doctor and update their vaccination books. The children enrolled in the CNED (distance learning) and then it was necessary to plan the trip: no particular itinerary only a global idea, to roll and discover the two continents.

And from the point of view of insurance and visa?

For the truck, the DACALUF opted for a cheap third party insurance. Regarding the consumption of the vehicle, it amounts to 26L / 100 km … a chance that the price of diesel is different in other countries (0.20 € per liter in Ecuador).

For all that is repairs and maintenance of the truck, the fact that it is an old model is a real advantage: little electronics on board, but the couple, who initially had no mechanical skills, had to follow an accelerated training to manage the unexpected and play the system D.

All members of the family are insured (health insurance and repatriation blow) at AVI International, a choice made thanks to the opinions of other globetrotters. Their French passports allowed them to cross the different countries, accompanied by a temporary import document provided by the customs.

But how to travel with a truck in luggage?

To land as a Latin American, they had to board a banana boat, a boat that leaves from Colombia filled with bananas, but is not full on the return. A trip that costs 5000 euros and 12 days of crossing, but depreciable thanks to the non-existent cost of hotels.

A fulfilling and magical journey

From the beginning of their epic, the DACALUF set up a newspaper of videos telling their adventures.

A long family trip in a good old truck!

Family members enjoy beautiful landscapes, unforgettable encounters and intense moments! A video is better than a thousand speeches:

If you like to travel we strongly recommend this application: and for iPhone:

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