This 12 year old girl died suddenly. His parents discovered a very special letter.

Taylor Smith was 12 years old and was about to enter college. Everything seemed to be perfect for this girl . When she caught cold one day, no one expected anything fatal. She had the same symptoms as a flu such as sore throat and leg pain. Nobody expected the deadly verdict.

When Taylor’s parents realized that his symptoms did not want to heal, they took him to a doctor, who can not diagnose anything.

Her parents decided to pamper her until she was cured. They made him soups, offered him ice cream and gave him medicine. The girl should have recovered from her flu with all the rest she had.

Anyone else would have done it. But on January 5, 2014 the fate hit them hard. Taylor died at age 12, leaving behind a shocked and devastated family.

The doctors concluded that the girl was suffering from pneumonia. The days passed and his family continued to mourn, especially after they found a box full of letters.

Taylor had written a large number of letters she had never sent.

Among these letters there was one of very special. Taylor had apparently written a letter to herself. According to the instructions marked on both sides, the letter was not to be opened until April 13, 2023.

The 12 year old girl would never see this day, so her parents decided to open it.

The letter expressed Taylor’s personality so well.

Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Taylor, How’s life? Is life as simple as it is now (10 years ago). I know I’m doing it late, but as I said, we’re 10 years back, so congratulations on your baccalaureate! If you did not get back to high school and keep trying. Get this tray! Are you (us) at the university? Otherwise, I understand it. We have our reasons, after all. Do not forget ! Today is the 11th anniversary of Allana! She is 11 years old already! In my time, she just had 1 year! Of course I could not attend the party because I was in Manivelles, Kentucky for my first missionary trip. I only came back for 6 days! Speaking of which, how is your relationship with God? Have you prayed, read the Bible, or served the Lord recently? If not, get up and do it now! I do not care what stopped you from doing it! He was mocked, beaten, tortured and crucified for you! A man without sin, who did no harm to anyone.

Now, have you made more missionary journeys? Have you ever been out of the country? Have you already flown? And does Doctor Who always go on TV? If no, what season did they stop? you should go watch an episode of Doctor Who! You will have to come back and read the rest of your words of wisdom after that! Do you have your own house? If we are at the faculty, how are we specialized? Right now, I want to be a lawyer. Have you been to Dollywood recently? At present, their new attraction is the Wild Eagle. It’s so funny! I also think to sell my iPad and buy an iPad mini do not forget to tell your children that we are older than the tablet! The drawing of an iPad is attached to the back of the letter so that you can show them. Well, I think that’s it. But remember, it’s been 10 years since I wrote you that. Bad and good things happened. That’s how life works, and you have to move on with it.

Sincerely, Taylor Smith

His imagination is fascinating and his goodness is illustrated with each sentence. Taylor would have become a wonderful person and she would have accomplished a lot. But even though she died too early, she touched millions of people on the planet with this letter

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