They left everything to live to six with a half salary.

They are called Brigitte harpiste, and Patrick former teacher of EPS, part time, they left Paris to live against the tide at six with half a salary! They like to say that they lived for 17 years with their four children with the only half of Patrick, professor of physical education and sports, a little less than 700 euros per month. Since they retired and their children have left the house, Patrick and Brigitte multiply lectures on ecology all over France, they have also written several books on their way of life, which allows them to live with the equivalent of a Smic and a half. But this couple who advocates simple happiness finds it almost too much.

This is the perfect example of an ideal of self-sufficiency and autonomy through the alternative; Patrick Baronnet is a researcher and director in alternative lifestyle, designer and director of La Maison Autonome (the House of 3 E – Website). He is an active member of “Oasis in all places” of Pierre Rabhi and co-founder of the National Network of Ecocentres.

“A joyous and creative family lives without public water, oil, nuclear or supermarket for more than 20 years! A totally autonomous house: sun and wind energy, filtered rainwater, organic kitchen garden, dry toilets, phytopurification … and self-help. Practical and pragmatic examples, practical and simple tools for the near future, which they have already shared with thousands of visitors, trainees, viewers etc. “(source)

Brigitte and Patrick after leaving everything and invented a house that does not harm the environment. Whatever the season, they warm naturally and drink rainwater.

And you, would you be ready to sacrifice everything to live of love in harmony with nature?

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