They created a village forbidden to men because they want to live in free women

The idea may seem extreme, but in reality for Kenya it is essential. In this country, men decide everything and women rarely have anything to say. Worse still, girls would often be, from an early age, “reserved” for men older than them.

As for genital mutilation and sexual violence, they would be quite common then schooling would be largely neglected.

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That’s why Rebecca Lolosoli had the idea of ​​the village of Umoja, the commune exclusively reserved these ladies. And villagers are doing very well!

They earn their living from jewels sold to tourists, feed on livestock, learn from school … and even have loads of children thanks to the men who are subjugated by this village. Meetings and relationships with men are not prohibited … as long as they are outside Umoja.

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As Mary points out, another resident of the village:

“We do not have much, but in Umoja, I have everything I need.”

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The icing on the cake, the old Umoja would be, little by little, to establish a perfectly democratic and collaborative political organization. History that the village lives serenely without having anything to expect from the state authorities!

A life in harmony between men and women within the same village would probably be preferable to this type of community that tends to separate from each other. But until attitudes change, at least women can live in peace, in good health, and enjoy self-reliance. Which could, precisely, accelerate a change of mentality.

And then, do not stigmatize African countries: the West, including France, also has many refuges for women victims of violence men!

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