There is excrement in almost every hamburger

This new study by the American magazine Consumer Reports may cut you the urge to eat hamburgers. While the consumption of the famous American sandwich continues to increase, in less than two decades, consumption of hamburgers has increased dramatically. In 2000, 1 sandwich out of 9 was a hamburger against 1 out of 2 currently in France., This survey reveals that they contain almost all traces of faeces. “Junk food” has never been so good!

Steak, cheese, tomato, salad and bread: the list of ingredients in a hamburger is not long. But we must add one: the fecal matter. According to the study by Consumer Reports, relayed by Metronews, the minced meat present in hamburgers very often contains bacteria inherent in faecal contamination, enterococci. Are you a fan of junk food and hamburgers?

You will probably change your mind when reading this article. The American magazine * Consumer Reports * has conducted a survey proving the existence of faeces in almost all of your favorite sandwiches.

A search and an alarming report

The culprit is minced meat. Researchers milled 200 kilograms of ground beef marketed in 26 cities in the United States, in a hundred or so grocery stores, supermarkets, and organic stores.

They also analyzed 181 samples of ground meat from “conventional breeding”, with grass-fed animals without antibiotics, and 116 samples of organic meat raised outdoors. The finding is more than alarming: almost all the minced meat analyzed contains enterococci, bacteria involving faecal contamination and may be the cause of blood or urine infections. Usually, these bacteria are found in the gut of humans.

In their study, the researchers also tested the antibiotic resistance of the bacterial strains they had identified. Again, the result is cold in the back: 1 / 5th of ground beef, or 18%, industrially produced contains so-called multi-resistant antibiotic bacteria, ie resistant to at least 3 classes of antibiotics, against 9% of bios and even less when the oxen are exclusively fed with grass.


How is it possible ?

Everything happens at the time of slaughter and processing; the feces found on the skin and in the intestines of animals are systematically on the surface of the meat. Once cooked, these bacteria are killed by heat. But the problem with ground meat is that the bacteria mix in the meat and contaminate it entirely.

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